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A new video on the irreducible mind

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From Inspiring Philosophy:


Does neuroscience show consciousness emerges from a brain? We show a wealth of data suggests the opposite. The mind does not appear to be reducible to matter.

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Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

AaronS1978, the video in the OP, which I've earmarked at the 14:00 minute mark, may interest you:
Neuroscientific Evidence: Irreducible Mind (Part 1) https://youtu.be/2VHGnsnQFe0?t=843
Truly agree with you on that, the placebo effect is a very powerful thing and just the sheer thought that you were going to get better and increase the chances of medication working by 30% The fact that we have to gauge experiments for this effect is proof that there is something of significance AaronS1978
Sorry AaronS1978, I thought you were planting your tongue firmly in your cheek. Myself, personally, I would look for a holistic approach to dealing with such issues. i.e. An approach that would seek a solution on both the mental and physical level. As the present video in the OP makes clear, the mind has far more control over the brain, and therefore over the body, than many people realize. Yet when it comes to healing, people often completely ignore any mental aspect that might be involved in healing. bornagain77
No but I was actually honestly asking a question not hoping to get a snarky for it. I have OCD for some of these things and they worry the hell out of me. By the way I do like that John Cleese scene one of my favorites AaronS1978
AaronS1978, do you think that Williams Syndrome is in any way linked to the genetic mutation that prevents atheists on UD from ever honestly discussing the overwhelming evidence for ID, like is presented in the present video "The Irreducible Mind"? And for them to focus solely on highly esoteric issues? Like trying to discredit HCQ because of their personal political bias against Trump?? Hopefully John Cleese is working on this puzzle as to exactly which genes make atheists act in such a peculiar way as they do:
John Cleese - Genes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv6bB8EN2lA
So I just encountered a disorder that relatively bothered me when I encountered it It’s called Williams Syndrome People with William syndrome seem very socially Attentive and somehow they have to love Everyone And over empathize The reason why I bring it up as I could use some insight on this dude is a deletion I think in gene 26 and another gene This syndrome happens Of course it’s been connected to oxytocin receptors and the dysregulation of the Almighty moral molecule And it appears that it shows a direct genetic connection to our socially silent behaviors It is often described as The opposite of autism But the reason why I bring it up is it bothers me that it looks like you can reduce that aspect of our mind and our behaviors to two sets of genetics found on a chromosome Now the person is still socially capable of communicating with you they just come on very strong and seem to be socially fearless even know other things will scare the pants off of them So in regards to reducing the mind and even in regards to free well what do you think Also Seems to be an inexcusable amount of hype for oxytocin almost always on February 14 even the Wikipedia is starting to catch up but this crap still happens, sorry just rambling about it AaronS1978
At least on my phone nothing is showing up can someone drop a link AaronS1978

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