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What is National Center for Science Education (the Darwin in the schools lobby) doing now?

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Well, an awful lot on climate change, for one thing. Wherever else the climate is changing, it is certainly changing around Darwinism. Perhaps this is a graceful exit for them:

Want to defend science education from the forces of denial? Get involved! NCSE’s work reaches as far as our members take it.

Action Alerts and Ongoing Campaigns: Keep track of the latest attempts to enact anti-science legislation and other challenges to good science education.

How To and Training: Battling with science deniers? Need to learn how to handle creationist students? Need to get informated about climate change? NCSE offers a range of online hands-on workshops aimed at teachers facing these issues. …

Take Action” at National Center for Science Education

See also: Listen to the “symphony of genes” in animal evolution… So if all this complexity got started in something like the twinkling of an eye, are we looking at an argument for creationism? Or what?

A Single Set Of Genes Drives Pufferfish Spines, Mouse Hair, And Chicken Feathers


Direct experimental falsification of Darwinism (The Selfish Gene was heard to sob uncontrollably in the background.)

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hazel- The type of evolution that the NCSE pushes is pseudoscience nonsense. So teaching it is a huge issue. And climate change happens- it always has. By focusing on CO2 we are missing the real issues. What the NCSE will never tell you is that CO2 only traps and emits in 3 different wavelengths. Only two of those are relevant and only one of those two is significant. Over 92% of what the earth emits is invisible to CO2. And less than half of that 8% is emitted back towards the earth. Urban heat islands are real. The poor placement of weather stations is real and skews the readings. 95% of the ocean trash comes from 10 rivers and 8 of those rivers are all in Asia. Real pollution is the problem and CO2 is not. But the NCSE won't tell you that. ET
NCSE, as well as some similar state organizations, started addressing climate change quite a few years ago, for several reasons. First, there is considerable overlap in both the groups of people and the types of arguments and attitudes made by evolution and climate change skeptics and deniers. Second, the teaching of evolution is being less of an issue in state school boards and legislatures than it was. Third, and most important, climate change (and more broadly, environmental issues) is a more critically important issue than evolution. There is nothing new about the information in the OP. hazel
Dawinists would have to be graceful first and there's nothing graceful about them. They will warp and twist everything to fit their view and demonize anyone that dares question their dogmatic beliefs. Those that believe in Darwin also believe that man controls the climate. We don't have the technology to do what they believe man has been doing. They use the convenient start date of 1880 to show a warming trend, because they don't want to discuss the little ice ending in 1860. Logic dictates that there's going to be a gradual increase in temperature after the end of an ice age. Then again, those that claim everyone that doesn't worship at their altar has no ability to think. BobRyan

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