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What? New discoveries in human anatomy?

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This hardly coincides with the self-assuredness of the Darwinian pundits:

The mesentery: An organ?: Until recently, the prevailing view among scientists was that the mesentery, the large, fan-like sheet of tissue that holds our intestines in place, consisted of multiple fragments. In 2016, after examining the mesentery of both cadavers and patients undergoing surgery, a team of researchers concluded that the mesentery was actually a single unit. This wasn’t the first time the mesentery was described as continuous—in one of the first depictions of the structure, Leonardo da Vinci also portrayed it in this way. But in the 2016 paper, the scientists argued that its continuity should qualify the mesentery as an organ. As with the interstitium, however, other experts have objected to this claim. In both of these cases, “there seems to have been a misunderstanding of what the term organ means,” Neumann says.

Diana Kwon, “New Discoveries in Human Anatomy” at The Scientist

Sure, these are micro or distributed systems. But micro and distributed don’t mean unimportant. If we are still making new discoveries in human anatomy, many questions that we are told are settled are probably not settled. Many lecterns are splintered in vain. Much science education policy is Bad.

This account is a bit hypey but gives some sense of the story:

The micro and macro show different types of arrogance. At the micro level, completely new pieces with new functions are being discovered. They weren't seen before because scientists weren't bothering to look for things that didn't fit theories. At the macro level, the structures have been seen for a long time but ignored or treated as vestigial because theories didn't allow them to have a purpose. Now anatomists are increasingly open to seeing THINGS that were outside the theory goggles, and seeing PURPOSES for things that were previously 'grayed out' by theory goggles. polistra
many questions that we are told are settled are probably not settled.
That is science to a tee. Though our darwinian friends prefer to 'think' of science as dogma carved in stone, bastardized enough to support their biased and retarded worldview. Truthfreedom

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