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What we don’t know about the universe, according to New Scientist

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Back to Georges Lemaitre, a Catholic priest:

A CENTURY ago, if you asked a cosmologist the universe’s age, the answer may well have been “infinite”. It was a neat way to sidestep the question of how it formed, and the idea had been enshrined in 1917 when Albert Einstein presented his model of a static universe through his general theory of relativity.

General relativity describes gravity, the force that sculpts the universe, as the result of mass warping its fabric, space-time. In the mid-1920s, astrophysicist George Lemaître showed that according to the theory, the universe wasn’t static but expanding– and would thus have been smaller in the past.

Stuart Clark, “Everything we know about the universe – and a few things we don’t” at New Scientist

If naturalist atheism was such a great perspective, you’d think they’d have figured out the answers to all these problems. But no?

Like everything else, naturalist atheism is just an opinion? So why should it dominate?

May as well listen to the priest. I mean, seriously.

Pearlman, Thank you, but could you explain what you mean by "the model, Per SPIRAL?" You might already be familiar with the work of Gerald Schroeder, who believes that depending on one's perspective, the universe can be both 13.8 billion years old AND just entering its sixth day when taking time dilation into consideration. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Schroeder -Q Querius
It depends on the model, Per SPIRAL age of the universe 5781 years, not 13.8B. shape: approximate sphere size: entire, appoximates the visible, universe. 2B estimated, 4B max, LY radius. Not 250+ x the visible. expansion rate: ZERO, cosmic expansion ended afetr 4/365(5781) a fraction of history. normal matter: over 99%, not 5% of all matter. just on this size, density and entropy values SPIRAL over 150 Trillion times a more reasonable model than is SCM-LCDM. reference the YeC Moshe Emes series for Torah and science alignment volume II SPIRAL in 'Creation Science and Big Bang Cosmology' Pearlman

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