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Darwinian biologist Jerry Coyne continues to worry about astrology, this time at the New York Times

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He seems to have started noticing recently when astrology was touted at the Guardian and the Globe and Mail:

In the past couple of days we’ve seen the Guardian tout astrology twice, and now the Globe and Mail. What I’d forgotten is that the New York Times has also been doing it occasionally—certainly more often than the Paper of Record should. For evidence, see Greg Mayer’s survey last year of the NYT’s treatment of astrology. As Greg said:

I did a search at the Times’ website for “astrology”, and the results were intriguing, verging on appalling. The first 9 results were all supportive of astrology; and all had appeared since since July 2017. Many treated astrology as a “he said, she said” affair, which is bad enough, but often the astrology critic was a token. If a respected news outlet treated climate change, evolution, or gravity this way, we’d all be rightly outraged. (This search did not catch the latest astrology article on which Jerry posted; I’m not sure why.) The 10th astrology result was from 2011, an article about a race horse named Astrology.

I haven’t updated his search, but today’s podcast/article will add at least another tick on the “supportive” side. It’s a 33 minute podcast discussion between NYT columnist and writer Kara Swisher and “famed” astrologer Chani Nicholas, who’s just developed a $15/month horoscope app that’s going to make her wealthy.

Jerry Coyne, “Astrology at the New York Times” at Why Evolution Is True

What Coyne doesn’t seem to understand is that Darwinism helped this process along. By making science a subset of naturalist atheism, Darwinians also enabled capture by other causes, maybe more popular ones. Just a thought.

See also: (earlier) Darwinian biologist worries that the Guardian now touts astrology. Darwinism is pretty much as silly as astrology but it basks in the golden glow of “science.” It must be true if it is endorsed by science institutions and all that. Okay, whatever.

all theistic religions discourage astrology. Interesting, as I was raised in the Baptist church in the south, and don't remember being instructed in this way. Three services weekly in my family upbringing like all good Baptists, Sunday mornings, Sunday nights and Wednesdy nights. There is about as much chance of stamping out interest in astrology as there is stamping out belief in the soul. Inhabitants across all cultures, civilizations, religions, and epochs have yearned for an understanding of the creator's setting up of a system of self-understanding that can apply the alignment of heavenly bodies to human personalities. This is a truly universal language that has been studied by many famous people such as Joseph Campbell, who cast horoscopes including his own, Carl Jung, who corresponded with a Hindu sage on the topic and revealed that he cast horoscopes occasionally to help in particularly difficult cases. Quote: "Astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity" (Carl Jung) The eminent and still living Stanislav Grof (M.D., Ph.D.) has a small chapter in his autobiographical "When The Impossible Happens" where he expresses reverent gratitude for a loving Creator who would provide deep astrological connections to the human psyche. In case you think of Grof as some crank, he was a co-founder, with Abraham Maslow, of Fourth Force in psychology; and its "International Journal Of Transpersonal Psychology" which was the creation of the two men who were featured at conferences worldwide. Transpersonal Psychology is the only branch of psychology that I know of (with the possible exception of Intergal Theory, formulated as an offshoot by philosopher Ken Wilbur) that officially recognises the human psyche as having abilities, mostly latent, that transcend time and space and which (my comment here) typically frighten mainstream Christians. A psychologist friend of mine in Austin asked Grof in a seminar his opinion on where mankind is headed, and the answer: astrology will be an invaluable tool to guide humanity in its quest for self-understanding far into the future. In short, mainstream religious people wishing to stamp out astrology are as amusing as scientists trying to stamp out belief the soul. groovamos
Who was it who said that when men stop believing in God, they don't stop believing, rather they start believing in anything else - including astrology, it seems? Coyne should embrace theism as all theistic religions discourage astrology. I will not hold my breath, of course. Fasteddious
You know I really would like it if the woke would shut this guy up AaronS1978

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