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Whatever happened to BioLogos (and “Christian evolutionism” in general)?


Now that Joshua Swamidass is making the first and last chapters of his new Adam-and-Eve book available at Peaceful Science (not BioLogos), it occurred to some of us to wonder whether Biologos, founded by Francis Collins to reconcile Christian teachings and Darwinism, seems to be petering out.

Here’s the hedder quote from their site: “Caring for People and the Planet:
As Christians, we have a call to care for the Earth and everything in it. Caring for creation is integral to loving our neighbors and bringing an authentic presentation of the gospel. – By Deb Haarsma, Biologos President”

Okay, we reduce, reuse, and recycle. Thanks for the tip.

But what’s this stuff further down about “evolutionary creation”? When was the last time anyone cared about that kind of stuff?

Today, we have David Gelernter vs. Jerry Coyne. And David Berlinski and Gunter Bechly as a tag team defending Gelernter.

If Biologos could kidnap David Gelernter, David Berlinski, and the revered shade of Phillip Johnson, they might have a story to tell. (Bechly is probably analyzing fossils; we won’t disturb him.)

But the BioLogos site has the look of a group you would book to speak, on the theory that you could have a nap in the meantime. Maybe things had to happen this way.

Maybe BioLogos is more interested in climate change now. National Center for Science Education appears to have gone the same route. A reasonable choice for both, given how Darwinism is faring.

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