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When ID types go – to church …


A friend insists that this song by Oklahoma’s Carrie Underwood underscores and responds to design in the universe:

This performance occurred several weeks ago, and then went viral. Five and a half million hits on YouTube; I’m sure some of you must have seen and heard it. The lyrics in the first stanza are certainly relevant to the design inference.

Your mileage may vary. Check it out. One response was “I am not religous at all…but it is impossible after hearing this song? not to feel something… truly unbelievable.”

Song’s history here. A classic, very influential rendition here. Lyrics here.

I saw a Jewish comic claim he had to come on after that performance to do his bit. This was on Ron White's Comedy Salute To The Troops on CMT. It was hilarious. Mung
Wow. That was very great. I only classic rock and pop and not the modern famous singers but she put me in my place. i don't know her music but that was creative in how she sang a great song. its a famous song in evangelical christian circles. Most christian songs in the english speaking world are from Evangelicals because only they have such a passion for music for their faith which creates a skill and a small number of popular songs for the protestant hymn book or modern praise music. Robert Byers
Perhaps in a cold climate, less so in a warm climate? Mung
"Plastic women aren’t as fragile." Perhaps. But, wouldn't they be more brittle? Ilion
A great Christian classic that any IDer or creationist can appreciate. Truly God's wonderful creation is powerful evidence for His existence! I have to agree though with Ilion that her outfit did not fit with the song. tjguy
Carrie Underwood: a living example of 100% Intelligent Design. Enezio E. De Almeida Filho
Plastic women aren't as fragile. :) Mung
Meh. Her outfit seemed a bit incongruous with the point of the song. And, all those painted plastic "women" in the audience are a bit off-putting. Ilion
semi OT: Here is Part 2 to the above video; Stephen Meyer on DNA and intelligent design http://www.coralridge.org/medialibrary/default.aspx?mediaID=CRH1119_F bornagain77
semi OT: New Guillermo Gonzalez and Stephen Meyer video from Coral Ridge http://www.coralridge.org/medialibrary/default.aspx?mediaID=CRH1118_F bornagain77

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