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When science enslaves instead of liberating

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Many of us try to stay well clear of the COVID crazy but this rabbi certainly speaks for many when he dares to question a bit of the crazy, shouting out a warning about “science”:

The World Health Organization claimed on April 6 that science had determined that face masks were unnecessary for healthy people, and then determined by May that the science showed that everyone should wear a mask. Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles has determined that the science shows that everyone needs to wear a mask as soon as leaving the house to prevent further spread of the virus.

Here in Ventura County, Calif., Dr Robert Levin has made it clear that the county will be hiring over 50 new staff to track people who have been exposed to COVID-19 and quarantine anyone who has been exposed, even removing them from their home environment (he tried to walk back his words a few days later, but you can listen to his actual words here. Dr. Levin’s science-based procedures are for a county that has fewer than 1/100 of one percent fatalities.

History shows us these same types of isolation practices and singling out of individuals or groups based on “science” before. The 18th-century zoologist Carl Linnaeus determined that the “African race” (as opposed to those from Europe) were “sly, lazy, cunning, lustful, careless, and governed by caprice.” His science proved that Asians were “severe, haughty, greedy, and ruled by opinions,” whereas the Europeans were “gentle, acute, inventive, governed by laws.”

Rabbi Michael Barclay, “The COVID-19 ‘Science’ Is Starting to Scare Me” at PJ Media

Yes. Sometimes it feels like renting a cottage on the grounds of a mental home. So many people are convinced that their current crazy about Covid-19 is true—and then that the next one is. And they don’t even remember their previous rant. Or who they hate. Or whatever.

When scientists are involved, it feels like the Dark Ages of Science.

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    bornagain77 says:

    Of related note:

    Fauci, a man who’s ‘scientific’ opinion has been, in large measure, the basis for justifying locking down practically the entire economy, and throwing over 30 million people out of work, apparently, at the drop of a hat, waffles his opinion on the lockdown. Moreover, he waffles his opinion without a firm ‘scientific’ explanation as to exactly why he so quickly changed his mind on the lockdown,,, nor did he really even acknowledge that he may have been wrong in the first place to call for such draconian measures..

    This hypocrisy was all way too much for Dave Portnoy to take

    Dave Portnoy unloads on Fauci in blistering rant on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

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    polistra says:

    Yesterday I happened to notice a description of the real purpose of lockdowns, written in 1895 when those old biases were more openly discussed…..


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