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Who Removed Pharyngula Links from morris.umn.edu?

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In the lastest escapades of Paul “Frackin’ Cracker” Myers I found that all links to Pharyngula, where Myers recently promised to film and blog himself desecrating the Catholic Eucharist, have been hastily removed from the University of Minnesota (Morris) website.

Thanks to Google Cache and also The Wayback Machine we can see that these links were there not long ago. What we want to know is who removed them. Was it Paul “Frackin’ Cracker” Myers himself who removed the links in an effort to protect his job or was it the University of Minnesota that removed them to protect itself from Myers? Either way, someone is trying to distance the University of Minnesota from Paul “Frackin’ Cracker” Myers’ personal blog.

Something else that should be investigated is if Myers is using the University’s computers and networks to manage his personal blog, to compose things like the desecration of the Eucharist blog entries, and otherwise leverage taxpayer and tuition funded resources to carry on these activities.

We here are supportive of Paul Myers’ right to use his own time and resources for any legal activities he cares to indulge in but when he begins using the resources of a public university to engage in these activities then it becomes something that he has no right to do. It then amounts to theft of services. The University of Minnesota’s computers and networks are paid for by various sources including the taxpayers but these resources are only to be used for things explicitely approved of by university administrators who are in turn accountable to said sources of funding. Employees of the university should not be free to use these resources for unapproved personal purposes.

Click below to see all the links showing what was recently removed from morris.umn.edu to coverup the university web server’s use associated with Myers personal blog scienceblogs.com/pharyngula.

The link to Myers’ webpage from his faculty directory entry shown in the July 8 google cache:

google cache showing link to pharyngula

More copies of the same thing at The Wayback Machine dating back farther in time:

UMN link to pharyngula shown courtesty of Archive.org

A Wayback Machine copy of the Myers’ faculty webpage on the University of Minnesota server showing a mirrored copy of scienceblogs.com/pharyngula being stored there.

archive.org showing mirror image of pharyngula on umn.edu server

Myers was also hosting a web page for the University of Morris Freethinkers (“freethinker” is a weasel word for “atheist”) which we see in google’s cache. This also disappeared in recent days.

atheist club webpage hosted by Myers on UMN server

Everything that might offend a Catholic is disappearing from Myers’ space on the the University of Minnesota’s website. Someone is doing some rapid CYA activities. We’d like to know who is behind the attempted coverup.

The UMM endorses pharyngula right here: UMM News though that page may disappear soon. It is interesting to examine the course presentations available at www.morris.umn.edu by Myers and Cole. This propaganda is what they mean by science education at UMM: Evolution Creationism And have a look at this Myers stuff hosted by UMM, where he goes on about the Discovery Institute, and recommends talk.origins and Panda's Thumb to his students for reading. Vladimir Krondan
https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/intelligent-design/who-removed-pharyngula-links-from-morrisumnedu/#comment-292373 Yeah funny how calm PZ is in person. And Abbie Smith officially reminds me of my little sister in every possible way. Thnx for the link FtK! F2XL
[Oleary] What blows me away is the artless messages I get from wwell’meaning people who inform me “you can believe in God and evolution!” Darwiniana T.H. Huxley wrote "In addition to the truth of the doctrine of evolution, indeed, one of its greatest merits in my eyes, is the fact that it occupies a position of complete and irreconcilable antagonism to that vigorous and consistent enemy of the highest intellectual, moral, and social life of mankind--the Catholic Church."... But people still don't get the message. Vladimir Krondan
And, it's "bloggingheads". FtK
Shoot...link didn't work: here FtK
Well, it seems the University of Oklahoma’s "higher ups" get a kick out of Abbie's (ERV) blog as well. Evidently our university "higher ups" have no regard for religious tolerance whatsoever. Check out the oggingheads PZ/ERV edition. Make sure you do it on an empty stomach or you may up chuck your "crackers" before you get through the whole thing. I could only manage to scan through and watch parts of it. Nauseating beyond belief. PZ looks half crocked and is in dire need of a comb. FtK
Too ironic. Someone should explain to PZ that 'desecrating' is like knitting. If he wants to do that on his own on the weekend, well that’s his own mistaken venture. No one wants to take his knitting needles away from him—just don’t desecrate in public. Hopefully we can get a nice feedback loop going: less desecrating, more science – more science, less desecrating. DG
Just to note there is a rogue italics tag in wnelson's post 6 that is causing the runaway italics, it appears near the text "ising Arizona". Fixed that for ya. -ds Apollos
jinxmchue I’m moling over on PZ’s chat site and found out the atheist club website is down because the server for it is down. Good stuff. I wasn't about to try wading through the thousands of comments on Pharyngula. There's a troop of Panda's Thumb sycophants who do that and post the reader's digest condensed version of the good stuff on the AtBC forum. They're a very valuable resource for us. The same server that holds the contents of the atheist club is at the same URL that archive.com shows holding the copy of Pharyngula. That server is down I'm guessing because it's a personal computer sitting in Myers' office (probably a personal computer with my handiwork in it because Dell is by far the largest supplier of PCs and servers to the US education market) and he disconnected the network cable while he goes about rearranging the content to get rid of damning evidence. Again that prefix in the URL is the giveaway. It allows the gateway to recognize traffic for a single computer with a unique IP address inside the larger university network and direct that portion of the traffic to that particular computer. If that computer is sitting in Myers' office that pretty much means the web content is under his local control since he would have a monitor and keyboard directly attached to it which gives him control at the operating system level (as well as the power switch level, the AC outlet level, and the cable connection to the university network level). Probably uses something like Front Page or some other site building tool running on the same machine to dink with the contents. Nice, neat, can't interfere with anything else on the university network, and doesn't require any support at all from anyone else at UofM except for Myers' or one of his designated student/slaves. That also explains the odd fact that what appeared to be a mirror image of scienceblogs.com/pharyngula was picked up by archive.org at the sci1234-pm.morris.umn.edu address. Myers started pharyngula 15 years ago and was using his office server for it. When everyone transitioned over to scienceblogs.com a few years ago he continued to manage the content of Pharyngula on his office machine and just uploaded updates of it to the scienceblogs.com server. That way he pretty much avoided any hassle in the transition. What he forgot to do was protect the old URL for pharyngula from public access so when archive.com crawled across it at the old address it made a copy of it. That was a bit puzzling up until now. Now the evidence is sufficient to form a hypothesis to explain it all. Unfortunately I can't test the major prediction which would require walking into PeeZees office and checking out the computers therein to confirm one of them holds the contents of Pharyngula at the umn.edu address. An admission from him would suffice but the chances of getting the plain truth out of that lying sack is less than Dembski's universal probability bound of 1 chance in 10^150. Like any hypothesis this could be all wrong. But the fun's the same either way. DaveScot
Considering Myers is now asking his readers to write letters to the University president in support of him, I suspect the incident may at least be a little disturbing for him. I plan on writing such a letter soon, asking for his being disciplined. nullasalus
SteveB I'd be very surprised if Myers doesn't have author access to the content of his own web pages in the space alloted to faculty for teaching and research related activities. It'd be crazy if teachers and researchers had to get a website adminstrator to change homework assignments and update research info to keep it current. If you examine the structure of the URL to Myers' space http://sci2135d1-pm.morris.umn.edu it's almost a dead certainty that Myers has author rights to do anything within the the "morris.umn.edu" domain segregated by the prefix "sci2135di-pm". I'd be a mildly surprised if he had author rights under this URL http://www.morris.umn.edu/academic/biology/faculty.html because if someone did something stupid, even a simple typo, in editing their own directory entry they could blow up the whole directory. That directory doesn't need to change very often so it probably is accessable only by a web administrator. So he likely had to go through someone else to have the link to Pharyngula removed from it. DaveScot
That's funny. The Church Burnin' Ebola Boys must not have seen this article. Go over there looking for a response on what happened to the Pharyngula presence on morris.umn.edu and there's nothing but the sound of crickets chirping. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil must be the motto over there. If it doesn't play well to the theophobes just maintain a stony silence - pretend it doesn't exist. Are y'all even capable of being shamed into acknowledging the hasty distancing of Pharyngula from the University of Minnesota's web servers? C'mon boys. Silence is NOT golden. DaveScot
I'm moling over on PZ's chat site and found out the atheist club website is down because the server for it is down. They don't have a clue about the blog links being removed, though. They didn't even know the links were on the UMM site to begin with. jinxmchue
I have few doubts that PeaHead PeeZed posts to his hate blog while on the taxpayers' dole. Wonder how he would feel if a university employee somewhere were blogging about God and Creationism while on the clock. jinxmchue
At some point, everyone needs to reckon with -- as Polanyi rightly observed -- that in order for Evolution to work, the distinction between Order and Chaos must be obliterated. Maybe that and the fact that Parmenides’ problem can't be tackled by insulting religions in order to drive traffic to a website. I think "the Church" went to bed with 19th century Science a la Darwin, and woke up with the likes of Myers. Oopsies! After seeing the knitting remark in Expelled, and now this thing with the communion wafers -- it occurred to me that this is simply a matter of someone who doesn't have any business of their own to attend to. (I guess if he had anything to add to the march of science, he would have done it by now -- at least written a book.) As it stands, we are really, and truly, being asked to take seriously a hard science biologist who is both obsessed with philosophical and epistemological positions way, way, outside his field, and who has no (that I've seen) grasp of the rules that govern those two fields of study. There's no cogency there, expect maybe at the level of Nicholas Cage's boss in Raising Arizona: GLEN: Say, that reminds me! How many Pollacks it take to screw up a lightbulb? HI: I don't know Glen, one? Hi looks down. One of Glen's children, in a cowboy hat, is squirting a squirt gun into his crotch area. GLEN: Nope, it takes three! He starts laughing, then catches himself. GLEN: ...Wait a minute, I told it wrong. Here, I'm startin' over: How come it takes three Pollacks to screw up a lightbulb? HI: I don't know, Glen. GLEN: Cause they're so durn stupid!. Maybe the issue seen in adolescent boys -- pulling the girls' pigtails and then screaming about cooties when they slap them -- needs a second look. Can't take the guy seriously. wnelson
Denyse - You should read the preface to "Thank God for Evolution." Dowd says that everything in his book should give evangelicals a deeper view of God, yet not say anything that would be inconsistent with an atheistic scientific outlook. I'm reading the book, and its an amazing work of mental gymnastics coupled with tripe like "We're made of stardust", as well as a wholly uncritical view of anything that has the word "science" stuck on it. johnnyb
What blows me away is the artless messages I get from wwell'meaning people who inform me "you can believe in God and evolution!" - apparently, these people have simply accepted whole hog, at face value, Darwin lobbyist Eugenie Scott's hype, completely ignoring the history. It's somewhat like accepting the Communist party's account of communism as Truth. See: "Accepting evolution" does not make you an atheist... oh, puh-LEASE! Not this rubbish again! O'Leary
Of course he can write whatever he wants on his own blog, but it is highly unlikely that he has the necessary administrative rights to do anything to the university’s web servers. Meyers is a loose cannon; the only surprise is that the university waited this long to distance itself from his acrimony. SteveB
meh -- I think Myers is starting to show symptoms of self-promotion addiction. But then maybe every university needs their very own Ward Churchill iteration? wnelson
Darwinists using public money to attack Christianity? oh, please, say it isn't sooooo! Mats

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