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    DaveScot says:


    I watched that earlier today and didn’t like it as much as Harvard’s Inner Life of the Cell. I’m not sure why, exactly. I would have posted it nonetheless but it didn’t have a static framed picture with it like you get when you embed a YouTube vid.

    I added the “molecular animations” category to it.

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    van says:

    nice video….I find it interesting however the phrase that popped up at the end of the video, “Revealing the beauty of Science.” Uh….I agree it’s beautiful and amazing, but science in no way gets credit for any of that. God is the true creator and deserves all the glory. Science may engage in the study of God’s creation, but in no way should they take credit for any of it unless they’ve figured out how to create something from nothing.

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    Berceuse says:

    Music from Mogwai! I approve : )

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    F2XL says:

    Not bad.

    [sarcasm]Especially for illustrating a random accident.[sarcasm]

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    subditouno says:

    Pretty, pretty cool William X)

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    subditouno says:

    As a Graphic Communicator, I can say it’s been a master piece of digital art. Awesome.

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