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Why Coyne is False

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A Jerry Coyne apologist responded to my pointing out that Coyne misrepresents embryonic development, as evolutionists often do. In his discussion of vertebrate development, Coyne claims that “All vertebrates begin development looking like embryonic fish because we all descended from a fishlike ancestor with a fishlike embryo. We see strange contortions and disappearances of organs, blood vessels, and gill slits because descendants still carry the genes and developmental programs of ancestors.” [79]  Read more

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    O'Leary says:

    When I was young, some decades ago, I used to endure books and lectures by nurses, one of which was that the supposed “gill slits” were not really that at all, but were folds of the external jaw and face, that later puff out to their proper function.

    Sounds right. Why bother questioning it?

    Whether or not we originated from fish, the nurses’ explanation made sense, especially if one needed to deal with a serious disorder in that area.

    One hardly wanted to hear that Darwin had explained it all and … g’bye!!

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