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Why not listen to the lady?


Youtube has a series of monotonous lectures by Barbara Forrest.

They call Barbara the woman creationists don’t want you to listen to.

Dear Barbara, after listening to you, I know who is really deceiving people, and who is really afraid (or is it paranoid?), and it is not those who support ID. ID is about following the evidence where it leads. It is not about America, or the US Constitution or undermining the rest of science. There is no one ready to steal away your power and supress your rights. ID is a theory that doesn’t automatically Expell evidence for intelligent causation, but considers it along side other explanations for physical phenomena. If Barbara is the best they offer, there is not much on offer.

Feel free to listen to Barbara, we don’t mind.


The lady would do well to ponder with the rest of us:
THE MIRACLE OF SPRING We glibly talk of nature's laws but do thing have a natural cause? Black earth turned into yellow crocus is undiluted hocus-pocus.
Grooks by Piet Hein All text and illustrations are owned by Piet Hein's estate. DLH
I have to agree idnet.com.au. I think she *is* paranoid. Too paranoid to consider whether or not Darwin's theory of filtered accidents is as great as they say it is. William Brookfield
-----O Leary: "I can’t imagine why anyone would be concerned about people listening to Barbara. The point is that they won’t, for very long." But there is so much wisdom there. For example, she claims that ID has no methodology or epistemology. Yet, I could have sworn I heard something somewhere about an "explanatory filter" and "functionally specified complex information." Does she ever enter into the debate arena with intellignet people who can call her bluff, or is she always protected by a policially correct shield from which she is immune from any kind of public scrutiny? StephenB
I can't imagine why anyone would be concerned about people listening to Barbara. The point is that they won't, for very long. Her book, Creationism's Trojan Horse, is the sort of conspirazoid threefer that convinces any reasonable person that correct answers lie elsewhere. O'Leary

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