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Will bionic hands ever be as good as natural hands? Researchers are certainly trying…


A recent internet-savvy bionic hand, developed by an American neuroscientist and computer engineer, is the most flexible yet, with sensory feedback:

According to the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Chicago, roughly 100,000 Americans — and 10 million people worldwide — are missing a hand.

The award-winning Ability hand shown in the video, made by Psyonic, a Champaign, Illinois-based startup, is a useful illustration of how far prosthetics has come via electronic and internet technology.

Representative of a new generation of prostheses, it is both electronics and internet-friendly: It charges in roughly an hour and the charge lasts through the day. It is Bluetooth-compatible for the purpose of downloading new software for fine-tuning the fingers’ grip and functionality. It can even charge a cell phone.

News, “The Bionic Man was science fiction; the bionic hand is not” at Mind Matters News

But will we ever outdo nature? Why or why not?

Takehome: The Bionic Man was science fiction; the bionic hand is not. The trouble is, if the new bionic hands are going to help most of the world’s amputees , they can’t cost six million dollars, as in the old TV show. The story of how neuroscientist and computer engineer Adeel Akhtar got involved demonstrates that.

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Reminds me of the #HandOfGod controversy :) johnnyb

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