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William Dembski’s Advice for Young Intelligent Design Scientists


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On this episode of ID the Future, Anika Smith interviews mathematician and philosopher William Dembski on a break from teaching at Discovery Institute’s Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design. Listen in as Dr. Dembski shares his advice for young scientists interested in ID and the hope he has for the future of intelligent design.

On a negative example, a few people in the 60s from the radical and militant Weather Underground put a Marxist loving President in office for the first time in American history.
Sorry - couldn't leave such a lovely tract alone. Obama is in office because he received the most votes from other people around you. (Dude - it's been two years. Time to move on.) And while he has many flaws, if you think he's a Marxist you need to visit some countries other than the US. mikev6
I wondered about the IDEA clubs as well; according to their website they have no events scheduled for July, August or September and they haven't put out a press release or issue of their newsletter, The Light Bulb, since last Autumn. There have been gaps in activity before, 2007 looks to have been a very quiet time according to their records, so . . . . ellazimm
courageous young minds unafraid to question Oh? What happened to the IDEA clubs ? Graham
Good interview. I enjoyed the relaxed attitude for the long haul ahead. That Design Theory is exciting, young and being resurrected albeit along different lines from Creationism. It appears Discovery Institute has dug in and are recruiting for many battles ahead in the future. You have a good vision, with fortitude to educate open-minded and courageous young minds unafraid to question dogmatic secular and atheist authority that act like dictators today in academics. To challenge the failed narrative of fairy tales is an exciting story in and of itself. Dr. Dembski said,
"30 people... those numbers in absolute terms are small, but you have to start where you are and 30 people that are motivated... can go a long way, and influence others and if we keep doing this summer after summer... the impact will be large... you can never underestimate the impact on one person... one person can think through these ideas profoundly... make deep advances..."
So true! One person! A few... maybe a dozen or so ;-) can make huge changes in the world. One person can slay a giant with one stone. Often times those that sow never participate in the harvest, but in faith know others will. One of my ancestors, great, great Aunt was a member of the first co-ed graduating class of Baylor University in Waco. Today what a few people sowed has turned into a world-class university in many areas. It takes faith by just a few to start something great. Death, oppression, perseverance, dangerous travels across the Atlantic, starvation, war. Many generations sacrificed life and limb without seeing America born with religious liberties. But they held firm in their beliefs it one day would be done. On a negative example, a few people in the 60s from the radical and militant Weather Underground put a Marxist loving President in office for the first time in American history. In only 230 years after victory against a tyrant, freedom of religion, speech, markets, faces a new battle agaisnt another form of tyranny by control freaks who seek to take over everyones lives and thoughts. After the Communist radicals of the 60s stopped bombing and killing people and charges were dropped, they came out of hiding. Funded by a rich Daddy, they went into areas of academics, law, trust fund charity, "community organization" and finally political campaigns in Chicago. After decades or hard work, determination, sacrifice, and organizing strutural infiltrations in the unions, think tanks, etc., they sponsored Obama in his first ever campaign thru the Socialist New Party. It was the very beginning of their marxist march. He was a winner in his very first contest. They moved forward, ever faithful to their firm beliefs in Marxism and Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals. That lies are justified to attain their ends. And with their messiah now leading the way, the disciples all spread the news. So, if Communist have so much faith in their beliefs and attain them. Who are we to complain if we sit by and do nothing? Within 40 years, the Weather Underground Manifesto, shaped upon Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky Rules for a radical revolution has produced its spoiled fruit and led them to their promised land of utopian unicorn visions. Can we do no better given the glory of the living Lord? Dare I say, "Yes, we can...." in Him? 12 disciples and now billions know His name. Yet we are told to be quiet, shutup and falsely accused of many lies by the prince of the air and his followers of deception, blindness and bitter rage. All things are possible through Him that strengthens our spirit. Thanks to Dembski, Discovery, O'Leary, Phillip Johnson and so many others here for all you are doing, your perseverance and hardwork in never giving up. In having faith. Your vision of Design is shaking the ground of a failed blind Darwinian theory to its knees. They know it, or they would not be swarming around your blogs like wasp attempting to sting you with angry insults, dismissing truth, making up facts, and falsely attacking your character, instead of rationally discussing science. Progress may seem slow at first Few may come forward at first out of fear of the world. But an avalanche start with a small trickle here and there. A mustard seed is growing. Even blind believers in a blind process see it growing. They're trying to chop it down before it grows to strong and can deliver other seeds to be planted in good soil. DATCG

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