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Behe and Wells in Florida at the Sun Dome September 29th

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2006 – 7PM




On September 29, 2006 at 7PM, the debate about Darwinian Evolution continues as well known speakers on the topic  attempt to further ‘resolve the conflict.’  This event will occur at the University of Southern Florida (USF) Sun Dome.  Get your tickets now!!

Featured speakers include Dr. Michael Behe – Biologist and author of “Darwin’s Black Box” – and Dr. Jonathon Wells – Biochemist and author of “Icons Of Evolution.”  Both are experts on the current debate regarding Darwinian Evolution and the Intelligent Design Movement.

 This event is sponsored by Physicians and Surgeons for Scientific Integrity (PSSI) ( www.doctorsdoubtingdarwin.org).  PSSI is dedicated to educating the public on the inadequacy of the theory of Darwinian macroevolution to account for the origination and complexity of life.

High school and college faculty and students with an appropriate school ID will be admitted to the event free of charge.  The admission for all others is $5.FREE – EACH HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE STUDENT ATTENDING WILL RECEIVE A FREE COPY OF THE POWERFUL DVD – “UNLOCKING THE MYSTERIES OF LIFE

Please call (727) 376-6911 #338 or email us at info@apologetics.org for tickets!


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  For more information, contact:
C.S. Lewis Society
C.S. Lewis Society
2430 Welbilt Blvd.
Trinity, FL 34655
(727) 376-6911
I hope MP3s will be available for those outside of the USA???!!! Robo
3-4 hours away...might be able to make it. Patrick
They misspelled "Jonathan." Also, Behe is the biochemist and Wells is the (molecular) biologist. They need a proofreader. Phil W
If you read carefully, it doesn't look like a debate, even though "the debate continues" in a general sense. A little confusing. russ
Who are they debating? Strangelove

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