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Woke world destroys Darwinian evolutionary biologist


Darwinists learn the hard way:

A young evolutionary biologist (PhD, UC Santa Barbara) who did postgraduate research at Penn State, Colin Wright specializes in behavioral ecology of social insects. Like most biologists, he is trained to identify and recognize biological sex in animals as a real thing. He knows that there are some unusual cases of sex in biology, such as hermaphrodites that can self-fertilize, male seahorses that perform the role of carrying the young, and members of one sex that act in ways characteristic of the opposite sex. There are also cases in humans of ambiguous genitalia and people suffering from gender dysphoria who deserve respect and understanding. These, however, do not imply that sex is a continuum of choices where anyone can self-identify as any spot on that spectrum. Sex is a biological reality, he argues.

Boy, was he in for a surprise. When he posted on Instagram a peer-reviewed paper that highlighted the advantages that men have in sports, his post was called “hate speech” and was promptly removed.

David F. Coppedge, “Evolutionary Biologists Aghast at Cultural Wokeism” at Creation–Evolution Headlines (December 9, 2021)

Darwin might have said as much in The Descent of Man, to the acclaim of evolutionary biologists. But Colin Wright may never get tenure. He may never work in biology again unless he agrees that sex is a meaningless concept.

Those other evolutionary biologists had better get with the program and denounce him, right? Or just shut up and stay shut up.

From an old source: Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

We’d be happy to help but we can only help people who think that intellectual freedom is not negotiable. It must be okay to criticize Darwin too.

PS: Cultural marxism is an accurate, legitimate critical description of the span of what are termed critical theories tracing to the Frankfurt School etc https://www.culturestack.online/post/critical-theory Like their parent theory, they are all fatally flawed. And, critical theory is an opaque half truth at best that appeals to the error of imagining hyperskepticism an intellectual virtue while suppressing the core, marxist nature of the critique. It is not a slander by invidious association and accusation, as is a phrase that crops up too often among objectors to the design inference, intelligent design creationism. On which, see the UD weak argument correctives. kairosfocus
Sev, notice what you did not pick up on? KF kairosfocus
@Seversky@7 “ By all means criticize CRT, BML and “cultural Marxism..” You first. Belfast
Yes, Sev, although once all the victims of a past evil are gone and all the perpetrators are dead, it's time to move on from those evils. Even if we repent on behalf of dead perpetrators, only feelings, not realities, are affected. Any generation humans is capable of mis-treatment/genocide, and punishing the dead won't stop the next one as much as having a good/virtuous people today will. Read about narco-slavery in Oregon if you want to see the connection between lack of virtuousness and great evils like current-day slavery. EDTA
Sev & EDTA, there are always blasphemy laws, just who is protected shifts as the society’s ultimate loyalties shift. What do you think the shibboleths of CRT, BLM and wider cultural marxism are about but meet your new gods?
By all means criticize CRT, BML and "cultural Marxism". They should be no more protected from attack than extreme white nationalism or Christian nationalism or the MAGA-hat-wearing cult of Donald Trump or the heavily-armed private militias. By all means point out where BLM protests have been hijacked by people whose only concern is to loot whatever they can and burn whatever they can't. Then set that against the tragic litany of atrocities, mostly unpunished, committed against the black and native American peoples of the United States for over a century and ask yourself which way the scales of justice tilt. Seversky
Criticize Darwin? Darwin wasn't even wrong. That means Darwinism and all of its bastard offspring need to be removed from science classrooms immediately. ET
Sev & EDTA, there are always blasphemy laws, just who is protected shifts as the society's ultimate loyalties shift. What do you think the shibboleths of CRT, BLM and wider cultural marxism are about but meet your new gods? Beyond that, there is a basic right to innocent reputation that leads to issues of defamation and protection of the ordinary person, the public figure and key figures or institutions vital for community cohesion. I suggest, some of the tagging as misinformation etc and censorship tied to current issues is in fact new blasphemy laws being imposed by in some cases some pretty cynical agendas. A sobering indicator is the obvious designation of scapegoats and pouncing piling on swarm tactics of the mob. Lawful freedom depends on protection from not just oligarchs but the agit prop mob too. KF kairosfocus
Blasphemy is classic hate speech. Can't have any of that! 8-) EDTA
I agree. Intellectual freedom is non-negotiable, so criticize away to your heart's content. Shouldn't we get rid of any blasphemy laws as well, while we're at it? Seversky
intellectual freedom is not negotiable … It must be okay to criticize Darwin
Or read the literature out-loud, or observe the events recorded in the history of science, or consider things like fulfilled predictions and universal correlates as meaningful. (Of course, those are all the things the materialists themselves won’t allow. What goes around …) Upright BiPed
People are posting their peer-reviewed papers on Instagram?? EDTA

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