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At Theology Unleashed: Philosophical objections to intelligent design

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Steve Meyer, author of The Return of the God Hypothesis, and philosophy of science PhD.candidate Seth Hart face off:

Answering Claims That ID is Pseudoscience | Stephen Meyer & Seth Hart Discuss the Demarcation Problem. The demarcation remains unsolved in philosophy of science. Opinions can be found on the internet of what makes something pseudoscience rather than science with ready answers of what fits where and why. However, none of the definitions employed stand up to academic scrutiny.

Stephen Meyer is the well known author of “Darwin’s Doubt” among other books, and the head of the discovery institute. He will be discussing the demarcation problem with Seth Hart, who is currently working on a PhD which covers this topic in detail.

In this stream we will present various arguments which have been made which argue that Intelligent Design is Pseudoscience and show how they fail. What remains is to argue that ID is bad science, but that’s a scientific debate.

Here’s an intro from Evolution News and Science Today:

Also up for discussion: problems with Popperian falsification as a scientific standard, the question of whether you need to know the mechanism of design in order affirm ID, how Isaac Newton’s thinking supplies refutations of materialist accusations against ID, and much more. Arjuna, by the way, has emerged as a most valuable host for high level discussions of ultimate questions. Many thanks to him. Think of it: a Hindu moderating a conversation between two Christian philosophers about science and faith — fascinating.

Note: Re Theology Unleashed as a Hindu site. Lots of people are now finding a voice to question materialism, naturalism, physicalism, and Darwinism.

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    Fasteddious says:

    I listened to the whole things and it was quite good – covered a lot of ground at significant depth.
    You can speed up the YouTube playback to make it a bit shorter.

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