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www.genetic-id.com, an instance design detection?


Many people do not understand what the Explanatory Filter represents, it represent “ordinary practice” of detecting design.

Explanatory Filter from the book Design Inference

The Explanatory Filter faithfully represents our ordinary practice of sorting through things we alternately attribute to law, chance, or design. In particular, the filter describes

how copyright and patent offices identify theft of intellectual property

how insurance companies prevent themselves from getting ripped off

how detectives employ circumstantial evidence to incriminate a guilty party

how forensic scientists are able reliably to place individuals at the scene of a crime

how skeptics debunk the claims of parapsychologists

how scientists identify cases of data falsification

how NASA’s SETI program seeks to identify the presence of extra- terrestrial life, and

how statisticians and computer scientists distinguish random from non-random strings of digits.

Entire industries would be dead in the water without the Explanatory Filter. Much is riding on it. Using the filter, our courts have sent people to the electric chair. Let us now see why the filter works.

With this in mind, I claim the work of the company genetic-ID is an instance of the Explanatory Filter.


Genetic ID can reliably detect ALL commercialized genetically modified organisms. GMO [gentically modified organisms] testing is used to detect and quantify the presence of GMOs.

Some time ago at ARN, the ID critics were so certain that the work of the Genetic-ID corporation was not an instance of the Explanatory Filter. It turned out 90% of the critics hadn’t even read Bill Dembski’s writings but rather they only read repackaged Shallit and Elsberry and Perakh to “learn” what ID was.

They could not accept the work of Gentic-ID was a valid instance of the Explanatory Filter.