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Intelligent Design becoming part of pop culture


Intelligent Design by Cesium-137

(thanks to Joe Manzari for alerting me to this development.)

Stu, dunno, its your store. I guess a musical aspect could add hits from the younger generation. Michaels7
These guys have been around for a while, but nobody's listening. Oh well... http://www.idtheory.com/ Their last track was called "Finding God in Zeros and Ones." Mario A. Lopez
I guess I should put the CD as one of my offerings on www.theidbookstore.com Stu StuartHarris
Stu, it means the environment or your ears are not harmed by the production or reproduction of the sound, thus allowing harmonious waves to drift into mind with the blissful release of cash from your pocketbook. LOL, although Dave disagrees. Check out Atom Immortal's lyrics posted above. There are clever lines with "Mendel, specified complexity, ID" and its raw boldness. Its not just pop-marketing. They believe it. I enjoyed it. Young people like it even though its not 'angst-poetry'. Its slam in your face hip-hop, rap. Sure, ;-) I know what I'm talkin bout... Michaels7
pop culture, coolio, nice wrapping, but hollow lyrics. Still, its melding into the mindset I guess. If they could journey away from industrial malaise... Meanwhile, zonin on the 5th sequence of a $40 clip, perusing visitors of UCD's past for some heavier flesh and truly chuwl{khool; tsayd/beit} lyrics, check out brother Uno Momento Immortal(Atom Immortal).... I found this little sharp-edged Word backtrakin thru Atom Immortal's site; a fierce harpo of David - "Achilles". A new bolder in your face young generation unafraid of the label: 'radical' - not for the faint of heart, sling shots armed with rhythmic words of smooth stones. Artist links: http://www.guerrillaindustry.com/site2/html/music.php To hear and read lyrics: http://www.mp3unsigned.com/showmp3.asp?mp3id=19677 Atom was voted 2005 artist of the year on MP3unsigned. Lyric snippets from Achilles: So/ We strike Achilles at his heel/ We strike the modern man like Gregor Mendel, meddling with his alleles/ Wounds of Darwinian Theory will never heal/ Once the population finds Intelligent Design/ Enzymes hold the signs of a Divine Mind/ Darwinian speculation is useless/ To explain emergence/ Of cellular machines below the surface/ Seeing Specified Complexity points to a purpose/ Of a system of integrated parts/ Excluding chance as part/ Of how it could ever start/ So/ I speak with truth and in reason/ But whether you believe or not/ We leave Darwinian fish bleeding/ I once overheard a Hebraic interpretation of Meek; a Wild Stallion, intelligently adapted for war, fiercely breathing thru the bit, yet humbled, gentle to the hand of its Master. While one may have mercy on gollum, there is none for the Orcs. Michaels7

"Trance-pop fused with twinges of EBM, the album harbors no ill feelings but projects an aura of harmonious bliss."

Huh? What does that mean?

Stu Harris

After listening to it I think it means "this music sucks". But that's just my opinion. -ds StuartHarris

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