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YEC Geneticist Jeff Tomkins pro-ID website and book Design and Complexity of the Cell!


Jeff Tomkins was a faculty member of Clemson, was reviewer of mainstream biology journals, and ran Clemson’s Genomics Institute. Like biologist Robert Carter, he’s given up a promising career in secular academia and research to devote himself to resisting the falsehoods in evolutionary biology.

I wrote about his presentation at ICC 2013: Geneticist Jeff Tomkins vs. Evolutionary biologist who got laughed off stage.

His website is:

He also wrote a pro-ID book for creationists.

design and complexity of the cell which normally retails at $32, but which can be purchased at a deep discount here:
The Design and Complexity of the Cell

The functions within the cells of our bodies are foundational to our existence. Understanding these functions has made the environment and the processes of our lifestyles healthier, more enjoyable, and more productive. All of humanity has benefited from the life sciences and the scientists who have dedicated their considerable skills to uncovering the functions and processes of the multifaceted variety of cells.

Although scientists have discovered, documented, and developed wonderful insights about the complex information, precise sequential processes, and unique interwoven controls within cells, there is a huge chasm among scientists when they try to understand how these highly efficient processes got started in the first place.

The majority of scientifically trained biologists and geneticists are taught that the apparent design that is observed in cells is the result of only random chemical and energy processes operating over eons of time. Such a belief system prompts their thinking to rest on purely natural logic, producing materialistic conclusions — and often ignoring or marginalizing the implications of careful engineering and design.

There are, however, multiple thousands of scientists who accept the Bible’s message that there is a Creator who planned the creation, designed the intricate engineering efficiencies in that creation, and then built the product: our planet and its wonderfully unique life and functions. That belief system not only fits empirically with what is observed (design, precise function, operational efficiencies, etc.), but provides insight that enables creation-based scientists to grasp the significance of the information more readily — without having to invent a supposed eons-long story for the development of what is actually observed.

Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins and his contributing colleagues have provided an excellent resource that will document and help explain the intricate processes of cells and give keen insight for “clearly seeing” the obvious hand of the Creator in the “things that are made” (Romans 1:20).

Here are his recent blog entries, just for starters:

8/17/13 Pseudogenes Regulate Immune Responses in Humans
8/10/13 Plants Use Underground ‘Fungal Internet’ to Communicate
7/27/13 Pseudogenes Are Functional, Not Genomic Fossils
7/21/13 Novel ‘Junk DNA’ Sequences Jumpstart Protein Production
7/14/13 Plants Use Math to Ration Food Use
7/6/13 New Ape Genome Sequencing Has Problems
6/30/13 Does Minimal Plant Genome Prove Junk DNA?
6/24/13 Pseudogene Functions Both Forwards and Backwards
6/16/13 Recombination Study Defies Human-Chimp Evolution
6/9/13 Marketing Myostatin Inhibitors with Fake Science
5/31/13 Long Complex Gene Tails Defy Evolution
5/18/13 Modern Y-Chrom Variation Surpasses Archaic Humans
5/12/13 Coelacanths: Evolutionists Still Fishing in Shallow Water
5/7/2013 Plant Epigenome Research Negates Evolution
4/30/13 Pseudogene Plays Important Role in Cell Cycle
4/25/13 Embryology Gene Control Confounds Evolution
4/20/13 Beta-Globin Pseudogene Is Functional After All
4/11/13 Circular RNAs Increase Cell Bio-Complexity
4/3/13 Complex Bioengineering in Blooming Flowers
3/27/13 Complexity of Cell’s ‘Molecular Shredder’ Revealed
3/21/13 Transposable Elements Key in Genome Regulation
3/10/13 ‘Talking’ Ants Are Evidence for Creation
2/21/13 Chimp Genome vs. Human – 70% Similarity
2/14/13 Another Cambrian Discovery Discredits Evolution – See more at: http://designed-dna.org/#sthash.oBFVWa0H.dpuf

1. Tomkins CV:

Jeffrey P. Tomkins

Ph.D. – Genetics, Clemson University, Clemson, SC (1996)
M.S. – Plant Science, University of Idaho, Moscow (1990)
B.S. – Agriculture Educ, Washington State University, Pullman (1985)

2009 to present – ICR Research Associate (Genomics & Bioinformatics)
2002 to 2009 – Assistant Professor, Dep. Genetics and Biochem., Clemson Univ., SC
2002 to 2008 – Adjunct Faculty, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston
2002 to 2006 – Director, Clemson University Genomics Institute, Clemson, SC
1998 to 2001 – Research Assistant Professor, Clemson Univ., Genomics Institute, SC
1997 to 1998 – Postdoctoral Fellow, Clemson Univ. Genomics Institute, SC
1990 to 1997 – Agriculture Sci. Associate, Agronomy Dep., Clemson Univ., SC
1988 to 1990 – Instructional Assistant, Plant Sci. Dep., Univ. Idaho, Moscow
Courses Taught – Clemson University
GEN 300, Fundamental Genetics, 3cr (undergraduate genetics for non-majors)
GEN/BIOCH 812, Physiological Genetics, 3cr (upper level graduate course)
GEN/BIOCH 820, Genomics and Proteomics, 3cr (upper level graduate course)
GEN 730, Biotechnology: Genomic and Proteomics, 3cr (graduate course – science ed)

Professional Affiliations
American Society of Human Genetics
Creation Research Society
Sigma Xi – The Scientific Research Society
Alpha Epsilon Lambda – Academic Excellence & Leadership Honor Society
Gamma Sigma Delta – Honor Society of Agriculture

Published Books
1) Tomkins, J.P. 2012. More Than a Monkey: The Human-Chimp DNA Similarity Myth. Create
Space Publishing, sold on Amazon.com.
2) Tomkins, J. and N. Jeanson. 2011. Cells: Intelligently Designed Building Blocks of Life. ICR,
Dallas, TX.
Creation Science Journal Publications
1) Tomkins, J. 2013. Comprehensive Analysis of Chimpanzee and Human Chromosomes
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2) Tomkins, J. and J. Bergman. 2012. Genomic monkey business – estimates of nearly identical
human-chimp DNA similarity revaluated using omitted data. Journal of Creation 26:94-100..
3) Bergman, J. and J. Tomkins. 2012. Is the Human Genome Nearly Identical to Chimpanzee? A
Reassessment of the Literature. Journal of Creation 26:54-60.
4) Tomkins, J. 2011. Genome-Wide DNA Alignment Similarity (Identity) for 40,000 Chimpanzee
DNA Sequences Queried against the Human Genome is 86 – 89%. Answers Research Journal
5) Tomkins, J. 2011. The Junk DNA Myth Takes a Well-Deserved Hit. A review of “The Myth of
Junk DNA” by Jonathan Wells. Journal of Creation 25:23-27.
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part 2: re-analysis of the genomic data. Journal of Creation 25:111-127.
10) Tomkins, J. and J. Bergman. 2011. Telomeres: implications for aging and evidence for
intelligent design. Journal of Creation 25:86-97.
Secular Journal Publications
1) Blair M., N. Hurtado, C. Chavarro, M. Munoz-Torres, M. Giraldo, F. Pedraza, J. Tomkins,
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YEC? Well Sal, need I say more? :D
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YEC? Well Sal, need I say more? :D teleologist

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