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Yes, the Jordan Peterson riots are coming to science too


Ask Heather Heying. But first, get a load of this: From a quiet, historic U hamlet in Canada (one I have often enjoyed visiting), the SJWs emerge like an irruption of disease:

Queens University in that hamlet (Kingston) puts the matter oh-so-politely:

Of the roughly 150 people who attended the protest, most exercised peaceful demonstration. However, several individuals engaged in or incited the destruction of property. Several Kingston police officers arrived at the scene of the protest.

Roughly 20 minutes into the lecture, protesters outside hit the stained glass windows and doors outside of Grant Hall. They also chanted “why are you hiding?” and “let us in.”

One protester broke a stained glass window after they repeatedly hit it with their hand – Queen’s Campus Security confirmed the individual wasn’t a Queen’s student. Following the incident, blood could be seen on the shattered window. More.

Oh my. What could possibly cause blood on a shattered window?

But this from another source:

In a series of videos posted online and highlighted by Peterson on social media, the student activists can be seen attempting to “barricade” the participants of the event, pounding on stained glass windows, organizing themselves to scream “Shame!” at people leaving the event, and surrounding one polite, petite girl and screaming in her face racially charged comments. According to Peterson, after the event, activists were “accosting” participants on the way to the parking lot.

“It was absolutely surreal,” Peterson tweeted, linking to a video (below). “The mob neglected to bring torches and pitchforks, but the sentiment was there: ‘Lock them in and burn it down’.” A few days before the event, Peterson tweeted that professors at the university had fed into sentiment against him by describing him as “anti-trans/racist/colonialist/anti-Semitic & Islamophobic.”More.

Such people should not be teaching at a university but, face it, they are. Now what? And what’s Peterson’s crime? Essentially, he believes, like Heather Heying, that facts matter. In this case, to put the matter somewhat crudely, the facts that you might notice when you take a shower make a difference.

Meanwhile, science boffins obsess about Florida schools.

By the way, when the SJWs become a big fist in media, not just on campus, forget real news if it is not samizdat, safely out of their swing.

See also: Science rock stars beginning to sound like gravel? A whole generation of Cool Sciencey types has now come to seem just plain weird or nonsensical. Who or what will take their place? Anti-science SJW riots?

Jordan Peterson — Do the Stitches Hold? I was surprised by the extent to which Peterson understands that the post-modern aversion to objectivity, which is killing the social sciences, is seeping into the harder sciences as well, offering the same promise: Social peace in exchange for intellectual suicide.

Biology is real, if not popular: Lone scientist squares off with social justice warriors. Wouldn’t it be nice if big science boffins recognized that the squall of toxic snowflakes reported here (future leaders?) are a much more serious threat to science than whatever Florida parents want. If not, others will need to dig out the snow shovel but the results will not be pretty.


Historic journal Nature is freaked over American public school science classrooms – again.
Everywhere but where they are most needed.

TWSYF, Indeed. But I guess the climate needs #metooed too. Andrew asauber
Andrew @ 2: I stopped at "UN figures indicate..." I wouldn't trust the UN for anything. Truth Will Set You Free
And you knew this was coming... "UN figures indicate that 80% of people displaced by climate change are women." http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-43294221 Andrew asauber

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