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2006 Blog Efficiency Award Goes To…

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PZ Myers!

By removing all the irrelevant bloviation he’s succeeded in getting Pharyngula’s content compressed to its core essentials. A remarkable invention in blog efficiency. Follow this link to see how the invention works.

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    DonaldM says:

    The most intelligent thing I’ve ever read from PZ!!

  2. 2
    JGuy says:

    Off topic:

    I thought I’d post an off topic comment, since you reminded me of matters of being resourcefully efficiency in evolutionary ‘science’. Sorry if this is offtopic for your post.. but you (and others) might get a good laugh from a portion of the video named:
    “Lucy, She’s No Lady, part 4 (Dr. Menton)”

    I’m focused in on minutes 4:00 thru 9:00, with emphasis on the video excerpt from a Nova broadcast.

    Find the video here:

    It’s worth a look.

  3. 3
    Douglas says:


    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. No wonder I never understood science – I never knew how to use a power saw to form fossils into the shapes I wanted.

  4. 4
    Mats says:

    [Off Topic]
    I was reading this and I couldn’t help to notice:

    Many of the efforts to publicly discredit Dr. Sternberg were done under the guidance of the National Center for Science Education, a private special interest group and proevolution advocacy organization. Early on in the controversy, the NCSE circulated a set of “talking points” to the BSW Council and NMNH officials on how to discredit both Sternberg and the Meyer article.

    So the Darwinian way to defend unguided evolution is NOT by offering evidence in its favor, but it is by attacking the outside activities of those scientists?

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    thechristiancynic says:

    That’s a whole lot of tripe to read through, all resulting from a lack of information. I guess this is an instance of like begetting like (lack of useful information gives way to useless information).
    On a saddening note, I notice somewhat similar attitudes both here and on pharyngula regarding competing blogs, and it frustrates me. I shouldn’t really be surprised – this is largely how the blogosphere works, it seems – but it would be nice if people weren’t quite so mindlessly sycophantic. Maybe that’s a pipedream, but I’ll cling to my idealism.

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