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A Monkey with a Meme: The Creative Vacuity of Pim van Meurs

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After reading yet another Pim van Meurs (PvM) rant at Panda’s Thumb and seeing him reuse for the umpteenth time the phrase “scientific vacuity of intelligent design” I thought it would be fun to see how the meme is faring and what other monkeys are aping it. Click here to take a stroll through the simian section of the zoo. Watch out for flying feces.

Herer is quote from StephenJ. Gould I found tonight while reading his forward to Schindenwolf's Basic Questions in Paleontology "It is a sad commonplace of orthordoxies that they spawn derisive dismissals of contrary views, even (or especially) when the ideas of the dissenters are not read or known only from biased accounts written by high priests - a point so well understood by Orwell in his novel 1984. All orthodoxies must designate whipping boys, and the Modern Synthesis was no exception." You have to hand to it Gould, he gives a nice quote. Jehu
In politics they call this a "talking point". russ

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