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Move to Rationalia, these will be our neighbours…

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<em>Coffee</em> Tins Take a good look. Now be grateful for the neighbours we do have, none of whom would be staring at us, grinning, from behind a laptop.

Question: How do people who think they are smarter than the rest of us manage to look so dumb?

What evidence is there that #Rationalia even needs a Constitution? Mung
Mung at 3: Maybe the national anthem will be Dogman! Dogman! Dogman! - to the tune of Batman! News
Earth needs a virtual country: #Rationalia, with a one-line Constitution: All policy shall be based on the weight of evidence Is that policy, or dogma? If policy, where is the weight of evidence to support it? #Dogmanalia Mung
Hey now. Brian Cox is pretty cool. daveS
??? That link takes me to an empty search of google email? UDEditors: Fixed William J Murray

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