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New Scientist offers lessons in successful narcissism

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No, really. From Emma Young at New Scientist:

HUMILITY. Empathy. Selflessness. These are qualities most of us associate with being a “nice person”. But being nice doesn’t often help you in the fierce competition to get that job, win a project or secure a promotion. No one likes an egocentric big-head but if, as they say, “you are your own brand”, perhaps in this modern world it pays to be a bit narcissistic. More.

You’d have to pay to read much more. From O’Leary for News: I am beginning to like New Scientist. I used to trash them, but that was before serious people started wondering about things like rethinking evolution and the impact of the war on falsifiability. And the peer review problem.

We can certainly keep tabloids at the checkout counter so long as someone is attending to serious issues. Meanwhile, from YouTube below, Mac Davis, 1980:

I used to have a girlfriend …

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