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This one’s for Gil Dodgen – an eagle owl on final approach …

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‘Cause we can’t afford to buy him a Lotus.

(Thanks, Uncle Ray – UD News)

Dear News, Seriously now. It is a complete mystery to me how anyone can accept Darwinian orthodoxy. It is completely irrational on so many levels: evidential, mathematical, empirical, computational, and logical. Worst of all, it is destructive of everything that ultimately matters in life: free will, purpose, meaning, ethics, values, and even legitimate science. It is a very sad state of affairs. GilDodgen
Or you could take shorter lifespan. No need for that sacrifice. We think we got all the data we need now. Just come down. Dammit. - News. News
Dear News, I'll rethink my Darwinian approach flight-control software development. Upon further reflection, it might just be that it could take longer than I anticipated. GilDodgen
Not if you are in the plane. In. That.; Case. You.Will. Not. Be.Getting. Back.To. Us. Gil. Ground to Gil. - come down. Like, now or something. ;) News
It really is amazing how those random mutations created such sophisticated flight-control technology -- how random mutations, eventually, seamlessly integrated the visual, neurological, muscular, tactile and other systems to produce such precise performance. Just think about how many proto-birds must have suffered tragic deaths in fatal crashes while those magical mutations performed their magical work. It is sad to think that gazillions -- the actual number is irrelevant, since we know that a sufficient number of proto-birds must have existed, since that is what Darwinian theory requires -- of such creatures had to die in the process of evolving this technology. Since flight-control technology is one of my specialties in aerospace R&D, I think I'll give the Darwinian approach a try. I'll just throw in a few random ASCII characters at random locations in my source code (point mutations), and make a few random function calls to a few random subroutines from a few random locations (evo-devo) and see how it works. I'll get back to you with the results. GilDodgen
Beautiful video, Reminds of this beautiful video:
The Mountain http://video.yahoo.com/editorspicks-12135647/featured-24306389/the-mountain-24960678.html
and for something completely different:
Rocket Boots - video http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4339572377494376120 Fly Like An Eagle - Steve Miller Band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnlTrq6wLf0

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