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Dead tree media starting to get it? Too much to hope, but still …

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From Not Even Wrong, Peter Woit’s blog,

In the something of interest category, last week at Columbia there was a panel discussion held as part of the World Leader’s Forum, introduced by our president Lee Bollinger, on the topic What If We Find the Higgs Particle and What if We Don’t.

Columbia’s Michael Tuts and Brian Greene gave an excellent discussion of the topic, to a large and attentive audience. Probably nothing new to readers of this blog, but I think they did a great job of it, and was interested to notice that Brian expressed skepticism about Kane’s claims to derive the Higgs mass from string theory. Dennis Overbye of the New York Times seemed rather wary of hype about HEP, since he’s a veteran of seeing the Times burned by this sort of thing. It’s now been quite a while since they’ve made the mistake of putting up LHC headlines like Physicists Finally Find a Way to Test Superstring Theory.

Wow. Some dead tree media actually care? That’s not half bad. More.


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