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Tennessee school bill: Academic freedom is just a front?

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Serf News wouldn’t see it any other way.

In “The Unscientific Model: ‘Academic Freedom’s’ Creationist Pedigree” (Media Matters, April 17, 2012) Simon Maloy tells us,

To listen to the Discovery Institute, Tennessee’s “academic freedom” law, which is based on Discovery Institute model legislation, has nothing to do with creationism or religion. “The bill includes a clear statement that it only applies to teaching science and does not protect teaching religion,” wrote Casey Luskin, research coordinator at the institute’s Center for Science and Culture, on March 20. “Don’t expect that to satisfy critics, who will predictably ignore the actual language of the bill and falsely claim it would introduce religion in the classroom.”

It’s difficult to take these denials seriously, though, given that the language of the model bill and its stated intention of promoting “academic freedom” trace their pedigrees through a series of court battles spanning several decades of creationist efforts to inject religion into public school science classes. The model bill is designed to obviate the legal hurdles raised by previous successful challenges to creationism in the classroom.

This is classic left-wing fascism – an attempt to restrict the right of people to tell others information that is factually true or defensible. In this case, why Darwinism is in trouble in the science arena.

In Europe and Canada, huge battles have been fought in recent years by free speech activists against laws that proscribe us from telling others information that is factually true but inconvenient (because it allegedly contributes to social disharmony).

Well, if a society is built on lies, it deserves the disharmony, and should use the opportunity to fix the inevitable resulting problems.

If a science is built on dodges ( = Darwinism), it should just be renovated in favour of a science that confronts the facts.

By the way, re Media Matters, get a load of this. One of its stated not-for-profit purposes is a war on Christianity.

Of course, they will argue, that is not relevant to their coverage.


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