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Media and the design of life

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In an item detailing the shocking decline in legacy media audience, Breitbart News offers (May 1, 2012),

The old media is done in the sense that the old media pretends at objectivity when everyone can see their obvious bias, and they pay the price for that big lie. Fewer and fewer people are getting their news from television; more are getting it from the internet.

The first sentence above is problematic because bias is just perspective. It is where you stand when covering a news story. Logically, there is no place you can stand that is not a perspective (angle, bias). Corruption doesn’t happen merely from that fact.

Corruption happens when non-news is heavily rewarded and news is punished. That certainly describes a lot of science news writing today.

A steady stream of nonsense news is tilted at the public about everything from how there’s just gotta be space aliens out there to how Darwin wuz right about yer mother-in-law. Little is directly said about the collapse of Darwinism as a viable explanation for the history of life.

Science news media become mouthpieces for people and institutions in pursuit of public funding, uttering the approved pieties. Naturally,  evidence for design in nature is airbrushed or attacked.

The second sentence touches on an important reality: If fewer people are getting their news from TV, fewer are getting it from approved sources of canned news.

If more people are getting their news from the Internet, then more people may be getting “wild” news. Not necessarily better news, but often news that has not been spun through all the approved pieties.

So it could really be new and interesting. Maybe actual news. 😉

Good time to be following science news.

2 Replies to “Media and the design of life

  1. 1
    Jon Garvey says:

    Anher. less optimistic, way of looking at it is that without the control that “channeled” news media provide, people will seek out what best pleases their appetites.

    If people have a choice of drinking, a public execution or studying theology, what will tend to prevail?

  2. 2
    News says:

    Good point, Jon Garvey! Freedom is only useful to those who can use it wisely. To those who are too drunk to attend the public execution they so much looked forward to seeing, it is not useful at all. Many of us advocate freedom knowing that it will often be unwisely used, but also knowing that worse abuses stem from tyranny.

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