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Neuroscientists’ protest letter against neurotrash published in New York Times

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Conveniently timed "neuro-i-phone 5" claims triggered controversy.

Remember the neuroscientists who were protesting neurotrash? Here’s one of them, offering: “NYT Editorial + fMRI = complete crap”

Yes, they did get their letter published (edited) in the New York Times, Science and Technology (October 4, 2011), here online. The names of the 45 signers appear in the print edition October 5, 2011, and with the uncut version of the letter online here.

This letter will prove a handy bookmark for people dealing with media-driven neuroscience nonsense. Few analysts have enough background (or time) to debunk every individual suspect claim. At times, it may be helpful just to say, “That sounds like the sort of thing neuroscientists have been complaining about recently.”

Anyway, why couldn’t the media have just stuck with “cell phones cause cancer”?

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