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Digital afterlife: how the Internet has changed mourning and bereavement
Users can post computer-composed messages after death.

(This is one of the differences between material entities and informational entities. When Grandma dies, who is to get the Royal Doulton china? Her lacework? If she left no instructions, this must be decided between daughters and granddaughters. Only one of them can get each thing. But a theoretically infinite number of copies of her digitized photos and journal entries could be on line for everyone to see and use – for better or worse.)

Canadian Christian writers’ conference big success after the bookstore closes (because obsolescent systems underrepresent demand). But writers may face more serious attempts at censorship now.

New media: Information is not reduced by being shared Why net neutrality is wrong: We share information without reducing it.

The Internet does not need policing to enforce social justice Predicted social class does not determine access

In traditional media, fact doesn’t matter any more, only social virtue Legacy media is now largely popular fiction

Five things to know about government’s proposed net neutrality We may end up refighting the free speech battle.

How much should we invest in creating equal results in boys’ and girls’ education?
Boys are not doing as well as girls in school. But why?

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