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O’Leary for News’ blog on new media

Tweet!: Canadian cleared of harassment charges
Many people today have a self-image of victimhood that is both impervious to and unrelated to shared facts.

Print media are now officially a coffee table item Old media rarely die out altogether. They survive as period pieces and collectors’ items.

Could Google sway an election? If so, how? American psychologist Robert Epstein explains how search engine rankings can be manipulated.

Killed in Mexico’s drug wars: Honest reporting When media are afraid to report the news, there’s another casualty: Informed decision-making and voting.

New media may help in the long run for a structural reason: They feature no “gatekeeper” role such as held by the veteran journalist quoted above, who felt she had failed. New media are more like ham radio operators in an emergency. There are risks, but there is no sense in which one fails in an official duty if one does not take those risks.

ISIS used murdered journalist’s Facebook page Supporters fear that the pretense that she was still alive was an attempt to ferret out less public dissidents.

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