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Study: Underage sexting is common but risks child porn law charges
The Anthony Weiner scandal would be instructive as to risks, if only one can get the kids to stop giggling.

Starbucks: Can online degrees help make education more accessible?
Maybe, but we can find out in advance whether a degree is likely to form the basis of a career or just be an expensive labour of love.

Does reading on screen lead to greater illiteracy?
There doesn’t seem to be hard evidence that e-reading inclines people who would read serious works to start reading celeb gossip mags or vampire potboilers instead.

Provincial Canadian court orders Google to block sites worldwide, in trade dispute
There isn’t a single worldwide standard for what is “extreme.” However, to create the impression of “doing something,” a minority can always be targeted for enforcement.

Would the highest court of a Western country alter documents?
Yes. The United States Supreme Court does that without notice, and a nifty piece of software has enabled the fact to be discovered


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