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Official media story pitches Neanderthal man as not human

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Here’s a classic in government broadcaster handling of the discovery of sophisticated Neanderthal tools (scroll), from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:

Neanderthals Used Sophisticated Tools

One of the differences that scientists thought existed between humans and Neanderthals was in their tool technology. Humans were thought to be unique in their use of specialized bone tools that are different from stone tools. But a new discovery by Dr. Shannon McPherron, an archaeologist with the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig Germany, and his colleagues, seems to undermine that notion. At two Neanderthal sites in France, dating back roughly 50,000 years, they found bone leather-working tools, similar to tools still used today. That was a time before modern humans arrived in Europe, indicating that the Neanderthals did not get the idea from our ancestors.

In short, the whole story is cast as if Neanderthals were not human, but all recent evidence tends to show that they were.

Audio here.

Take it from a Canadian: this probably isn’t a question of government-sponsored propaganda so much as who gets a job at the government-funded broadcaster. If your country doesn’t yet have fully government-funded media, don’t start.

I recently did the 23andme genome analysis. For non-African people the average is between 2-4% Neanderthal genes. I have 3% Neanderthal so I am a typical Neanderthal/human hybrid. jerry
If your country doesn’t yet have fully government-funded media, don’t start.
In our country (the US) the large corporations pretty much own the government through campaign finance, and the large corporations own the media, except for the Internet. The result is essentially the same. Bruce David

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