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Science: The Victim of Ideology ‘Uber Alles’

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Here’s a link to an article from American Thinker that details how, in Ohio, the Univ. of Cincinnati did a three year study on the effects of oil-well “fracking,” the results of which demonstrate no contamination of ground water had occurred because of “fracking.” And then the study was quashed.

The progressive mind-set is ‘fascist’ at its core. It destroys any attempt at discovering a truth that contradicts their mind-set. There have been many victims. Now science is numbered among them.

One Ohio lawmaker’s view:

Rep. Andy Thompson, R-Marrietta, whose district includes Carroll, Harrison and Belmont counties, is calling for the university to release its findings. Thompson noted the study received state funding in the form of an $85,714 grant from the Ohio Board or Regents and federal funding from the national Science Foundation for an isotope ratio mass spectrometer.

“It is unacceptable that taxpayers have funded this important groundwater study and the findings are being kept from the public,” said Thompson. “UC still has not produced a full report of their findings, nor has the university issued a press release of their results. Yet, during the course of the past few years, the university has released countless advisories on the multi-year Groundwater Research of Ohio study. I am calling on the University of Cincinnati Department of Geology to release their full findings surrounding this study immediately. The people of Ohio have funded and deserve to know that private water wells in shale counties have not been impacted.”

I entirely agree. It should be published. Especially as so much taxpayer money was invested in the research. Seversky
Off topic: The Magnetic Sense Is More Complex than Iron Bits - April 29, 2016 Excerpt: A team of theoretical physicists at Oxford has now added their support to the cryptochrome model.,,, if they are right, magnetoreception puts animals on the cutting edge of human understanding of quantum mechanics. The American Physical Society explains: "One explanation [for why radiofrequency interference disrupts a bird's magnetic sense] is that the electromagnetic noise has quantum-level effects on cryptochrome's performance. This would suggest that the radical pairs in cryptochrome preserve their quantum coherence for much longer than previously believed possible. Such a finding could have broader implications for physicists hoping to extend coherence for more efficient quantum computing." The fact that they are considering a biomimetic application implies that the physicists didn't know quantum coherence could last so long. Birds know more about quantum mechanics than the human experts! The paper says: "...the spike discussed here is undeniably a quantum effect, arising from the mixing of states associated with avoided energy-level crossings, and is not captured by the semiclassical theory. In this sense, radical pair magnetoreception may be more of a quantum phenomenon than hitherto realized." http://www.evolutionnews.org/2016/04/the_magnetic_se102810.html bornagain77
I wouldn't say its fascist. Rather the old fascists simply did this too. Indeed all passionate movements do it. They all hide evidence or denounce contrary evidence. In fact we all do it in our domestic lives. Its up to the public, like UD, to point out the danger of these passions and when they use power to break the trust they have with the public. No quashing of truth please. Robert Byers

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