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Denton: Vast majority of taxa defined without ancestral forms

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From Michael Denton, in Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis (2016):

Incongruous thought it might seem (in the context of the evolutionary propaganda machine and especially to a reader outside of academia), it remains true, as I point out in Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (1985), that the vast majority of all taxa are indeed defined by novelties without any antecedent in any presumed ancestral forms. The empirical facts make it possible—to paraphrase Dawkins—to be an intellectually satisfied typologist. (p. 56)

The vast majority of Westerners are educated under the loving guidance of pressure groups for Darwin and, as with so many other things, they would be very surprised to know the extent to which it hangs together but just isn’t true.

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Here is an excellent talk by Stephen Meyer on the Cambrian Explosion: Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, PhD talks about the Case for Intelligent Design - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl802lHAk5Y Oct 18, 2015 - Trinity Classical Academy’s Speaker Series welcomes Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, PhD, author of the New York Times® Bestseller Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design, and Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, which won “Book of the Year” by The Times of London Literary Supplement. bornagain77
Amen. They do group and have to group biology based on traits. And these traits never show the trail of eons of changes with representatives. The taxa are closed boundaries in traits. Then another taxa is said to have evolved from the previous but no glorious slight modifications are to be seen. If they were seen it would be the big evidence claim . Yet instead they must jump around to explain the absence of what should be there. Whether appeals to poor fossilization of Punctuated equilibrium. Its all retreating to trenches of excuses. Its a crisis for thoughtful people in these issues. Its worse then that. Using the fossil record was always a error in gathering biological evidence. It was only bio data. Then lines of reasoning. Yet they sincerely thought they were gathering bio evidence. Whoops. Robert Byers
Taxonomists gain their reputation by identifying "new" species. Is it any surprise that we keep finding different species that interbreed? ziggy lorenc

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