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Should a student you know consider a career in journalism?


Not clear.

Today’s mainstream media increasingly work with government to get government messages out. Not just any government, but governments that envision a role for the media in telling the public what government thinks the public ought to know. Current mainstream media gladly retail any support for government-directed lifestyle change. That may include unchecked questionable information that is politically correct.

What can a degree in journalism really buy you today? When a major break-the-rules newspaper started up in my town some years ago, I talked to news figures at its helm. They made clear that they were not looking for degrees in journalism. They wanted degrees in science, technology, foreign affairs, and military studies.

Science? Foreign affairs? Yes, and we implicitly understood: It’s easy to teach an intelligent, educated person conventional news style, not easy to teach them university-level science or hard analysis.

Journalism school may give you a group of peers you can follow up with later for work. In other words, insider buddies and tips. … but… Maybe.

It is all about talking to people and so whether the journalist knows what they are talking about matters. Then it matters their opinions on things. Therefore it matters to score the opinions of journalists who reach the public. The score is lopsided against the good guys. They are not without bias at all. Yet they present to the public they are just about accuracy. Journalists are not just telling the news but involved in shaping information as anyone making or affirming a case where contentions are here. North America needs diversity in journalists in opinions. why it is not this way should be the big discussion. Robert Byers

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