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Researcher faked dozens of heart cell experiments

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From The Scientist:

A former scientist at the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago made up more than 70 experiments on heart cells, according to the Office of Research Integrity.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Malhotra worked at an Ann Arbor, Michigan–based microscopy company called PicoCal and is now serving as cardiovascular and metabolic consultant in the greater Boston area. He told the ORI that he does not plan to apply for any US Public Health Service funding. If he should do so in the next five years, his work will be supervised and he will be required to provide biannual reports to verify the legitimacy of his research, according to the ORI summary. More.

Yawn. Either abolish the Office of Research Integrity or keep up to date with Retraction Watch.

On the bright side, it’s good to see The Scientist noticing this stuff instead of hinting darkly that the suspicious folk are “anti-science.”

It’s one thing to be forced to pay taxes to fund nonsense research into the multiverse; another to be paying taxes to fund fraudulent or non-replicable research that was supposed to benefit us in situations that really matter. Acting on false ideas can cost people their lives.

Long live the revolution!

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Where's clown fish? Who cares if results are faked? The word "fake" ought to be banished from the lexicon of subjective amoralism. Mung

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