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At Mind Matters News: George Montañez on what’s wrong with the Turing Test


George Montañez discusses it with Robert J. Marks.

How do we know we are not talking to a well-trained magpie?

… It’s very easy to determine if who you’re talking to is a computer. You just ask them to compute the square root of 30 or something, because a human would take a while to get the square root of 30.

Note: The average human being does not care about the square root of 30 and has never considered the question. But human beings invented ecology and animal welfare and asked about final judgment. That should play some role in the decision as to whether one is talking to a computer.

News, “Is the Turing test misguided? George Montañez comments” at Mind Matters News
Calculate root 30 or the like is actually a very good use of using what people are bad at to expose a computer as getting things suspiciously right. KF kairosfocus

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