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The psychiatric bible?

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But why did anyone ever treat the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as a Bible anyway?:

Only 3 per cent of DSM disorders have any known biological causes. The causes of the remaining 97 per cent – and this includes depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar and all personality disorders – are not known. The theory that chemical imbalances cause mental illness – that a serotonin deficiency causes depression, for example – is unproven. Billions of research dollars have been spent on trying to establish a link between neurotransmitters and mental disorder, and the attempts have failed. For all the scientific terminology, psychiatric diagnoses are based on subjective judgments.

Some things can’t be sciences by their very nature.

Maybe that’s too bad, but it is the universe we have.

Man, some times I hate myself. I thought this thread was about a psychedelic bible, and I wanted to take a bite. Mung
Barb I know depression is bad -horrible. Yet I would say its the same mechanism as a phobia. A phobia is just a thought/conclusion stuck in the memory. like when a song gets stuck in ones head and free will has trouble getting rid of it. This is because of the power of memory and its dysfunction. Likewise, simply, depression is just a thought or a conclusion of thoughts that has got stuck in the memory. So its hard to get rid of it even when the original thoughts/copnclusions have lost their power. depression is not a problem of the soul or thinking but a problem of the memory. Thats why its so weird or fraudulent. Depression usually is not related to merits of the case. I think depression , serious depression, can be healed if it was seen as a memory issue. A phobia or rather like mechanism. Our souls don't get depressed EXCEPT on the merits of the case. Robert Byers
Depression has many forms and many causes. Pessimistic thinking is one; I also think nutritional deficiencies might play a role as well. I wouldn't equate it with a phobia, though: I've suffered through depression and it's not pretty. But it is completely different from my irrational phobia about spiders (arachnophobia). It might be our brain chemistry, but that might be influenced by other factors as well. I think this is true of ADD/ADHD. Years ago, when I was in school, it was called "kids being kids." Barb
Barb I think depressions are indeed just a form of phobia or rather simply conclusions stuck in ones memory. Dreams revealing what is not noticed in a busy awake stage. In short I'm sure all these things are just about the power of the memory. Depresion, very hurtful, being just as stuck as a fear of height. i don't think diet affects the memory and so ADD etc. Yet any improvement or change in a person leads that person to do better in things. The diet might be like the placebo they mentioned in the article here. Again however it comes down to the thinking ability of mankind. Do we think with our brain or our soul. The former is attached to the machine of our body but not the latter. I say it could only be the latter and ONLY the memory is attached to the body. So i conclude all problems, mental, are from interference with the memory. This is why retarded people have profoundly better memories in certain subjects. Its not a aberration but a revelation of the true equation of the problem. I think all these things could be healed with only healing the memory and not healing the BRAIN. Robert Byers
Commenting on findings by Dr. Aaron Beck, an article in the New York Times Magazine stated: “Beck did find, as he reports in his book: ‘Depression: Causes and Treatment,’ that the dreams [of depressed persons] repeated, night after night, constant themes of inferiority, of unattractiveness, deprivation, incompetence. . . . Beck noticed these gloomy sleeping fantasies were matched by an equally negative way of thinking during the day. For example, a depressed woman whose friend was late for an appointment became convinced that the friend no longer cared for her, that no one liked her, and that in fact she was unlikable. “Beck postulated that almost all the thoughts of depressed patients are ruled by what he calls ‘the cognitive triad of depression’—negative views of the world, themselves and the future. He found that depression-prone people exaggerated minor obstacles into impossible barriers, considered themselves stupid or hopelessly incompetent and saw the future as only full of more painful failures.” So, being pessimistic might be a root cause for depression. Consider, also, how society and its values might cause some forms of mental illness: Dr. John Schwab, of the University of Florida College of Medicine: “We’re in an era of change right now. Old values such as the old work ethic are being rejected and people are caught in an ideological vacuum. Kids see that the fruits of four hundred years of scientific progress may be more bitter than sweet—but they don’t know what to put in its place, and consequently there is a sense of futility.” There might also be a strong connection between diet and nutrition and ADHD/ADD as well. I have a friend whose son was diagnosed with this condition and she's changed his diet substantially. She noted an improvement in his behavior as a result. Barb
AMEN. its all come down to saying we are walking brains and all these disorders come from malfunction in the brain. Yet in truth we are souls made in gOds image. our thinking is made in gods image and can not be affected by our brain. Its impossible for a christian to believe this. The 97% of DSM most likely can all be seen as simply problems with the triggering mechanisms for memory. I am confident all thinking disorders, severe or not, can be brought to this explanatory conclusion. The pills can calm the nervous system and allow the memory to work well. Evolution is behind all this stuff about our brains being the begining and end of our thinking being. The failure to heal should suggest a failure of evolution to explain things. Robert Byers

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