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Doesn’t anyone get tired of this stuff?

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Why our earliest ancestors walked upright? The truth revealed:

Our earliest ancestors changed from tree dwelling quadrupeds to upright bipeds capable of walking and scrambling and the authors in Antiquity (‘Complex Topography and Human Evolution: the Missing Link’) say our upright gait may have its origins in the rugged landscape of East and South Africa, which was shaped during the Pliocene epoch by volcanoes and shifting tectonic plates.

Yes, well we have already steamed through a variety of other causes such as, we learned to walk upright so we could hit each other. Or carry infants. Or scarce resources. Or save energy. Or cool down.

It’s not really a question about function, it’s a question about how the idea of using hands got started.

Hawking believes its acquired though he lost his acquisition by refuting God. He could once again acquire an upright gait by begging God's forgiveness for promoting Satan by publishing his big bang nonsense. r1xlx
The rhyme-man here, and I want to make clear- All scenarios appear to make the upright gait an acquired trait. The upright gait is an acquired trait? The upright gait is an acquired trait Now if the upright gait is an acquired trait, then Lamark is great, and didn't deserve his fate. So this is what you'll do- you'll go down to the zoo and take a look at the chimp and if he walks like a pimp then you will know that's true that the upright gait is an acquired trait. The upright gait is an acquired trait- the upright gait is an acquired trait Joe

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