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CalTech theoretical physicist Sean Carroll defends multiverse at TED talk

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Sean Carroll

PhysicistRob Sheldon writes to draw our attention to Sean Carroll’s TED talk.

Carroll, a recent convert to the multiverse, guest authored a piece for us here at Uncommon Descent: “No God Needed” CalTech physicist responds to Uncommon Descent’s questions.

Sheldon notes,

Notice how he starts with the problem (he attributes to Boltzmann) that the universe is a very special place that cannot be explained by a random event. Fascinating to watch him circle around the issue of design without ever mentioning it.

number of stars in Milky Way galaxy = 100 billion

number of galaxies in observable universe = 100 billion

Age of universe = 100 billion (in dog years)


Carroll blogs at Cosmic Variance.

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    Blue_Savannah says:

    Sounds like the “multiverse” faithful are hoping if they use the term often enough, it will seep into the public consciousness and become a “fact” like they did with the darwinian myth…just don’t ask them to produce evidence to support their assertions, or you’ll be labelled a “flat earther”, a gravity and holocaust-denier, denied tenure, denied invitations to give commencement addresses, etc etc etc… in other words, EXPELLED.

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