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HuffPo astronomer blogger explains why we live in a multiverse

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One possibility for this Big Bang theory is that m and b are like the value for pi. These numbers are completely and self-consistently defined to be the unique values that we see. There is no further scientific discussion because m and b are logically derived within this theory from quantities we already know about. We call this a closed system, and it leads to the idea that there can be only one logically consistent universe, and we are living inside of it.

A second possibility is that our universe is part of a larger system called the multiverse in which all possible values for m and b can occur and lead to many — in fact, an infinite number of — separate, logically consistent universes. Most of those values lead to universes in which life does not exist, while others have randomly selected values for m and b that are within the very narrow range to allow life to eventually emerge. We observe the weird values for m and b because we are here to experience them. This is called the anthropic cosmological principle, and it represents the dilemma facing physicists today.

You’ll never guess which conclusion he thinks is “logically required.”

To understand how evidence-free speculation about a multiverse came to be considered “science,” see The Science Fictions series at your fingertips (cosmology).

So in another universe, I'm an atheist and Guth is a creationist?! lol! tjguy
Regarding the infinite multiverse....here's something else that's "logically reguired": President Obama and Sarah Palin have had a love child. In fact theyve had an infinite number of them. Its "logically reguired"!!! You can take that to the bank, based on what Dr Alan Guth pHd MIT's Theoretical Physics Guru has written: "Anything that can happen (in the Infinite Multiverse) will happen; in fact, it will happen an infinite number of times. Thus, the question of what is possible becomes trivial-- anything is possible, unless it violates some absolute conservation law." Now Palin and the President, having a love child, that don't "violate some absolute conservation law", does it? Odd. Dr Sten Odenwald pHd, he didnt mention the President and that hick gunnut Palin, and all their logically required little bundles of joy. chris haynes

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