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    Robert Byers says:

    christiandom was taught genesis was true. so why wouldn’t the educated public believe it unless they were denying it.
    The denial would be the aggressive move and not the acceptance.
    The opposite today.

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    Dionisio says:

    What’s the big deal?

    Maybe Johannes Kepler was an ignorant uneducated gullible guy who was afraid of darkness, hence couldn’t understand D evolution?


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    tjguy says:

    Yes, it is possible that Kepler would not be a YEC today if he were alive. It is also very possible that he would be. All we know is that he was back then. Anything else is speculation. He was a YEC and did great science by using that paradigm. He is famous for saying that when he did science he was “thinking God’s thoughts after him.”

    We are still in debt to many great (YEC) minds like his.

    From crev.info:
    he stands as a consummate example of a Christian doing excellent science from theological motives; Kepler pursued science as a mission from God.

    In his words, he was merely “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.” Anyone who thinks Christianity is inimical to science should take a close look at the life of this giant of science – and Christian faith.


    His signature work, expressing his philosophy of science, is Harmony of the World in which he saw the heavenly bodies making a kind of celestial “music of the spheres” as the outworking of the mind of God, perfect in geometric harmony. It expressed his belief that the world of nature, the world of man and world of God all fit together into a harmonious system that could be explored by science.

    Kepler had once believed that becoming a clergyman was the only way to serve God and proclaim His truth, but he found that astronomy and mathematics were also a ministry, a way to open windows to the mind of God. Deeply spiritual all his life, he said, “Let also my name perish if only the name of God the Father is elevated.” On November 15, 1630, as he lay dying, he was asked on what did he pin his hope of salvation. Confidently and resolutely, he testified: “Only and alone on the services of Jesus Christ. In Him is all refuge, all solace and welfare.”


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