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The multiverse hits the comics section


Which means the war on falsifiability has totally infiltrated popular culture

Further to Wait till it hits the school system, our favourite NON-creationist mathematician Peter Woit notes,

I know I should be coming up with material on different topics here, but the multiverse stuff sometimes is just too hard to ignore.

Next week’s Comicpalooza in Houston will feature string theorist Gerald Cleaver. His blurb tells us that:

His EUCOS team conducts long-term systematic computer-based studies of global phenomenology of parameter spaces of the string landscape of around 10,500 possible string-derived universes and its theorized multiverse realization.

A local paper has a news story: Physicist to discuss multiverse theory at comic convention. According to the article: …

See also: The multiverse  (infinite numbers of you, not falsifiable)

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Thing 1 & Thing 2 living on Earth 1 & Earth 2: http://screenrant.com/flash-season-2-multiverse-flashpoint/ "the potential gains – increased variety in storytelling, further autonomy from Marvel, and a deeper ability to explore years of comic canon – far outweigh the cost." Seems the Comical Advantages can be applied to Science too, ppolish
"spatially and/or temporally infinite" Square circles in his multiverse, too? tgpeeler
A theist pushing the multiverse! Now that's a first! That's the trend though. Whatever "science" says must be right so if you can't beat 'em, why not join 'em? I wonder what god he believes in. Thor maybe? tjguy
As a Theist Multiverser, Dr Cleaver will probably recieve some flak from science community. But well received at Comicon? When Cleaver says: "a multiverse is the likely natural mechanism through which the God of infinitudes grants inherent freedom to a spatially and/or temporally infinite creation. In other words, the multiverse is God’s means of indeterminacy in action." What does he mean "indeterminacy in action"? That conflicts with Omniscience - the true nature of the Almighty, Oh well, baby steps. ppolish

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