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Scientific American wonders about “liberal bias” in social psych

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So the editors actually noticed?:

Duarte et al provide evidence suggesting that social psychology is not a welcoming environment for conservatives. Papers are reviewed differently depending on whether they are considered to support liberal vs. conservative positions, and anonymous surveys reveal a considerable percentage of social psychologists willing to explicitly report negative attitudes towards conservatives. This shouldn’t surprise us. Everything social psychologists know about group behavior tells us that overwhelming homogeneity, especially when defined through an important component of one’s identity like political ideology, will lead to negativity towards an outgroup. We also know a thing or two about confirmation bias and all the ways in which it can affect our decision-making, and it is odd to suggest it might not affect our own. Or to suggest that it might in some domains but not the political.

This only matters if anyone cares what they think.

How about: Most people in North America, including Canada, are not liberal enough to think that violent street criminals lack free will, need therapy, and should not be in jail?

People who have a hard time grasping that stuff should not even be trying to study the North American population. They are just too far off the grid to have anything meaningful to report.

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This is clearly so and in many areas. This is because the left wing wants to bring the intellectual credibility of a "science" of psych and impose conclusions on society. For example saying homosexuality is normal and not a medical problem. Once they said it was. So they keep an eye on wrong ideas which are always non liberal ones. Time to defund them and get them real jobs. Robert Byers

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