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Leading theory of consciousness under fire


From “oddball” study? From New Scientist:

Doubts are emerging about one of our leading models of consciousness. It seems that brain signals thought to reflect consciousness are also generated during unconscious activity.

Neuroscientist Anil Seth of the University of Sussex in the UK is impressed by the rigorous methods used in the study, but cautions against interpreting the P3b signal as indicative of complex cognition. “The subject isn’t doing anything that need involve complex, sustained cognitive activity,” says Seth.

Still, he agrees that the study raises questions about neural correlates of consciousness. “The neural signatures of conscious processing are likely to be more complex and interesting than just a P3b,” says Seth. “[The study] is pushing us towards more refined explanations that actually connect neural dynamics to what it is like to be conscious, beyond relying on overly simple signatures like the P3b.”More.

Hold that thought. The alternative is what happens when one is looking for something that isn’t there – a theory of consciousness that is completely compatible with current naturalism.

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there is no subconscience in humans. its a error and myth. They are only recording memory action. This goes on despite being awake. The origin of dreams. Recently on NOVA, a disappointing David Eagleson series on the brain, stresses the subconscience controls people and so defeats free will and blaming criminals. Yet all there is IS priority memories dominating other memories in a giant memory machine called the brain/mind. There is nothing in the subconscience that can't be shown to be about memorised information. Its just put aside but relative to our great memory put aside is almost meaningless. Its still in front of us. Just other stuff catches our attention. Robert Byers

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