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Ambiguous cylinder illusion


Slow news day. Enjoy.

It's a great illusion. It forces one to think outside the 9 dots and examine what facts are being presented. For example, a camera and the replayed video clip always forces a 2D presentation of 3D phenomena. Ask yourself "what might I see if there weren't a camera obstructing my senses", and "why has that particular camera angle been chosen". For example, note that you're never given a view straight across the object, but instead always at an angle looking down on it. And recognizing the object is inert and not changing shape. Only the viewpoint of the edges changes as the object is rotated. The object being viewed is neither square nor circle nor are its top edges coplanar, but a 2D video replay hides what your eyes would show you in 3D. Your eyes' stereoscopic vision would show you actual different distances to different edges which are actually different heights, whereas the camera shows you just "flatland" from an angle, and your mind assumes the rest. Voila' Charles
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