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Would you or I trade our daily challenges for *challenges greater than these,* in return for  an excuse to, well, fail? Hmmm. Meet Richie:

File:A small cup of coffee.JPG Alternatively, bitch bitch bitch lineup forms to right of O’Leary’s desk and continues in silence down into the showers …

Simply beautiful! Mark Schultz - All Things Possible (music w/Lyrics) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emj6O__05N4 A few notes: EXPELLED - "Useless Eaters" & Knitting Needles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mo3VRBHAzo How Darwin's Theory Changed the World Rejection of Judeo-Christian values Excerpt: Weikart explains how accepting Darwinist dogma shifted society’s thinking on human life: “Before Darwinism burst onto the scene in the mid-nineteenth century, the idea of the sanctity of human life was dominant in European thought and law (though, as with all ethical principles, not always followed in practice). Judeo-Christian ethics proscribed the killing of innocent human life, and the Christian churches explicitly forbade murder, infanticide, abortion, and even suicide. “The sanctity of human life became enshrined in classical liberal human rights ideology as ‘the right to life,’ which according to John Locke and the United States Declaration of Independence, was one of the supreme rights of every individual” (p. 75). Only in the late nineteenth and especially the early twentieth century did significant debate erupt over issues relating to the sanctity of human life, especially infanticide, euthanasia, abortion, and suicide. It was no mere coincidence that these contentious issues emerged at the same time that Darwinism was gaining in influence. Darwinism played an important role in this debate, for it altered many people’s conceptions of the importance and value of human life, as well as the significance of death” (ibid.). http://www.gnmagazine.org/issues/gn85/darwin-theory-changed-world.htm Early Christian Opposition to Infanticide Excerpt: "Infanticide was common in all well studied ancient cultures, including those of ancient Greece, Rome, India, China, and Japan."(It even led to the collapse of some ancient cultures),,, From its earliest creeds, Christians "absolutely prohibited" infanticide as "murder." Stark, op. cit., page 124. To Christians, the infant had value. Whereas pagans placed no value on infant life, Christians treated them as human beings. They viewed infanticide as the murder of a human being, not a convenient tool to rid society of excess females and perceived weaklings. The baby, whether male, female, perfect, or imperfect, was created in the image of God and therefore had value. http://christiancadre.org/member_contrib/cp_infanticide.html The Moral Impact Of Darwinism On Society - Dr. Phil Fernandes - video http://www.nwcreation.net/videos/Impact_Of_Darwinism_On_Society.html For Brian Bushway, who is blind, sounds are a form of vision. "I can relate to my environment in a very comfortable, competent manner," the Los Angeles resident said. http://www.wptz.com/news/vermont-new-york/burlington/Blind-Vermonters-get-lessons-in-seeing-through-sound/-/8869880/20003880/-/9otrtl/-/index.html bornagain77

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