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Freedom of speech (if you mean it) makes for strange bedfellows

We know that we are a nation in part because we can disagree peacefully on controversial issues

#I care #But so what? Will social media help or hurt human rights causes?
Moral preening has always been with us. We didn’t used to think so highly of it.

Internet publicity helps bust the “evil sat fats” myth
The most dangerous thing to live on turns out, as always, to be illusions.

The Internet is actually quite a good tool for oppression
Google can make you cease to exist, as far as your fellow citizens are concerned, and the rest is silence.

Even a machine can get a degree if no one reads any more
Or, as one tech mag put it, “Essay generator can spew out BS, still get you an ‘A'”. And it’s still B.S. And that’s a problem.

– O’Leary for News

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